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Friday, June 26, 2009

Movie Review: Angels and Demons


Tom Hanks


The pope has died and the four potential successors are kidnapped by the Illuminati and will be murdered one by one starting from 8 o clock. When the clock almost reaches midnight, the whole Vatican City will be destroyed along with a part of Rome by a nuclear bomb.

The Good:

You know those descriptive one liners? Well, Angels and Demons get the phrase 'Intricately Mind-Blowing'. A really well played whodunit that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats. The story is portrayed and played very well, much thanks to the part of Dan Brown. Tom Hanks as usual is great in this movie, a very talented actor indeed and I have to say this...


His acting skills in this movie is truly remarkable. Okay, it helps because he plays the caramelango, caramelogo or caramelatte (okay, I was just craving Caffe Nero's Caramellatte). In honesty, he would have scammed me even if he was a former con. Story well portrayed and obviously I get it.

Plus, it also gives everyone a little history lesson on Rome. If you happen to be tested on Roman History, just watch Angels and Demons because most of the time, Tom Hanks walks around like a freaking human encylcopedia.

In a movie that is always mysterious and keeping viewers in suspense, there were a few comedic parts. Vandalism, lol. And no, you don't need to watch the Da Vinci Code in order to get what is going on in Angels and Demons. Two different stories with the same character.

Also, people with limited intelligence find it boring, which means us smart people can have fun watching it without the presence of idiots.

The Bad:

Children should not see this, some of the scenes were downright gruesome and ugly. Makes you cannot sleep.

The length of this movie is pretty long too, you get bored in some parts.


Overall, Angels and Demons is a great movie. However, you should have some form of intelligence to watch it. Angels and Demons is not a movie that tries to make you understand, you have to understand the movie. You have to understand the power of the Catholic religion, the ancestry of Roman culture, how fucking smart these people are compared to idiots like George W Bush. The motives behind each character.

Rating: 4/5

Its a near perfect movie with some botches here and there but overall, its great


Chester Chin said...

brendan did you read the book? If no, then you should head out to MPH/ Popular/ Borders/ Times/ whatever bookshop you can find (or steal it from your next door neighbour)...hahahaha the book is better than da vinci code by a million miles!

Brendan Goh said...

Yeah, I have the Angels and Demons book that is collecting dust on my bedside.

My aunt lent them to me three weeks ago and I still have not read a single page...

Finals now, what to do?