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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's new on Fall.

I am so excited
I am so excited
Cause I know what I am gonna watch during the new Fall 2009 TV Season!!!
Here are some of the shows that I will probably like, a lot!

Cougar Town
Well, first up is this new comedy called Cougar Town starring Courteney Cox (Friends)
She plays this recently divorced woman who is in her 40s
and since that the men her age (those who are single or divorced of course) are going out with younger women, she thoughts that she might try and find a younger man.
Problem is, she has a 17 year old son.
Watch the trailer just to know what is she up to, lol.

Reaction: I LOVE this show, this almost compensates ABC's stupid act of canceling Samantha Who? Which is one of the best comedies, like EVER! DAMN YOU ABC!!! If the trailer is this good, just expect the show to be good too!


This is a combination of Charmed and Desperate Housewives with 3 different women (Desperate Housewives part), getting magical powers (Charmed part)that could change their lives. It stars Rebecca Romijn (Ugly Betty) and Lindsay Price (Lipstick Jungle).

Reaction: Combining two of my favourite TV shows of all time? ABC, you know how to spoil me! Lol, I love it! I love it! I love it! Lets just hope that it does not get canceled. The acting, the drama, the POWERS! God, I love it! Exciting!

Flash Forward
This one stars Joseph Fiennes and John Cho (Star Trek). ABC hopes that this will be a replacement for Lost when it ends next year. Thank God! I am so lost with Lost, i tell you. So anyway the trailer will tell you the rest.

Reaction: I like it, in sense that I am actually curious, nice plot, I have to say. But is this a one season thing? Or the next season everyone is going to black out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds again?

The Middle
This one stars Patricia Heaton (Everybody Loves Raymond) and Neil Flynn (Scrubs). This is about a woman and her family, in a small town.

Reaction: I like the Kids, lol, they are absolutely hilarious! Neil Flynn got the incoherent, bla bla like, midwestern dad so spot on, lol.

The Forgotten
ABC's version of CSI, about a group of amateur detectives trying to solve old and forgotten cases of murder. They identify the unknown dead bodies and reunite them with their families.

Reaction: It soooo descriptive and vivid in the point of the dead person's view. I like the direction of this is going to.

V is when an alien race comes to Earth and help the Earthlings out, causing the youth to go gaga on them and support them. However, something is up as the aliens are actually using the kids as spies

Reaction: Not one of my favorites as they portray the kids like somekind of mindless drones that endlessly worships the aliens... eww... Hoping it gets canceled

Hank is a show starring Kelsey Grammer where he is this super rich business man. Well, he is super rich until he goes bankrupt. He then moves from New York to Virginia and gets a taste of the real life

Reaction: VERY FUNNY! Kelsey Grammer must have a way with one worded shows, lol. A great replacement for According to Jim.

Anyways! I want you guys to watch the vids and tell me what you think! I hope you guys enjoy them like I did! Can't wait for fall 09!

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Chester Chin said...

i'm psyched about the eastwick show!!! watched the pilot trailer and it seemed interesting enough. Btw go check out the show called 'Glee'..i can't wait for that one!