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Monday, June 15, 2009


Talk to you never.
Anyway, in reference to my previous post
A lot of people tend to think that I am holding a personal grudge thus launching a personal attack at a few people, specifically, Anderson Lai.

First, I shall clarify what my article means
Then I shall address the cyberbullying issue in my blog
My opinion of the need to this and why
And if you want to know what is going on with me and him

Okay, first of all
I think that it is a fun article, totally unbiased, very straight to the point, honest and true
I think that it really pokes fun at couple stereotypes in my life
Be it my parents, relatives or friends
Coming from the third wheel, fifth wheel and other odd numbers that follow
I can sure say that us singletons are obviously a little uncomfortable at how cooey most couples are.
I mean really, if you were single and you were with two friends who happen to bring their boyfriend/ girlfriend along, you tend to feel so left out and lonely or disgusted
and so I decided to poke fun at them, a little wake up call

Now I imagined this post to be funny
People saying how true it is that they do or their friends do that and stuck it out of their faces like a big wake up call.
Now, as you can see unlike Rebecca's imaginative and positive reaction dream, it turns into a cyberbully's haven and a large thorn on my ass.
And now, I am in my English class sitting there typing this shit out like a piece of homework.

Now my turn to address the cyberbullies
For long and long time again, I have already said, I do what I like, I do what I want, this is my blog and you do not have the right to criticise what I say in here
It is my sanctuary and I allow constructive criticism not blatant insults
You better be careful, I can sue you for defamation
Now I don't know who you people are
but I know where this all starts from
So I can literally pin point exactly who is who
Now I may not know it all, but I am sure damn hell good at guessing, a trait that I got from my dad.
You don't know who I am and I am pretty sure you did not read all of my posts or the whole post and then started to attack me with insults which I do not deserve at all

Now first of all, I used Anderson Lai as an example, however, think about it
don't you think, you would do it too?
friends of yours will also do it too?
This does not necessarily point to students, adults too.

Why was Anderson offended by this? I can guess. The post was implied to him, it was not directly at him but it hits him where he hurts because he is doing it himself. That is why he thinks that I am attacking him because he thinks he is the only person in this situation
Well, I am mentioning anyone like him in that same situation, it is open topic. No names, no hints of names, no implications of specific attitudes.

He is not the complete example, there are definitely other people around the world in the same or similar situation as he does.
So to call this as a personal attack, is pure bull, it references to all others in the same situation as he is
He is not the only one in this kind of situation, the world does not revolve around the guy

Plus, it is only proven if I actually mentioned his name
I am seriously asking you cyberbullys to think about it (which I am pretty sure is an activity that you rarely use) and answer this to yourself

Question 1
Was my blog post directly aimed at Anderson Lai only?

Question 2
Is Anderson Lai, the only person to do this kind of act or is there other people just like him?

If both answers are yes, then this is a personal attack

However, the actual answer is no, you can even send it to a lawyer, I dare you. And read it through.

I am pretty sure you don't know who I am, you are just friends from the source of all this fiasco trying to back your friend up when it was not even about him in the first place. Pathetic, I have to say, can't believe my sweet heart actually be kind enough to give you the time of the day

Now, yes, I am rude and brash in my blog, but that is my style, somehow, me cursing is funny.
I also give advice, the punishment part is just for fun.

See? This is all a misunderstanding that was way too overdone.

This is my page, I do not cater to you people, I have my own life.
And I have much better people to cater to
And the fact I have to put an official address is pure bullshit man
Its like I am the Prime Minister or something against the horde of Thai opposition leaders.
What is meant to be a very funny article is now interpreted wrongly into an attack
This semester officialy sucks.
Can't wait for it to be over

Oh btw, if you think that this is an attack towards a specific person
I would kindly ask you to leave my blog

Obviously it has been proven that your level of intelligence is not as high or broad as mine
It has also been proven that you are an Asian that comes from a pure Asian background that cannot take constructive criticism (also you slurp!)
It is also proven that from the comments, your level of English is not as up to standard as mine.
Your beliefs and values are also too out of date and too different from my liberal perspectives.
And you are too stupid, so you call other people stupid.

In the past, yes, if you look at the 2006 posts, those are personal attacks
But if you look from end of 2007 onwards, most of them are not personal attacks
I said most because the only one that is, is the Jilly Tagore scandal, which I am truly out of line and sorry for and it has been deleted.

I feel no guilt for this post, hence it will remain here.
I also am going to say to all you cyberbullies that you suck, hope that you have a nice life and go back to whatever hole you came from.

Also, I shall be removing my chatbox
It just decreases the class of my blog.

And yes, I do mean the Malaysian couples doing the ten acts, nothing wrong right?
Everyone is doing it, what is it mad to be about?
Angry Ang Mo
magazines, they all do this
Mine is just a bit brash, that's all

Its just that you people read too much trashy comics or anime, hole yourselves in DOTA and engage nerdy acts like collecting Gundam Models and type extremely broken English with serious typos that makes me wonder if you skipped Kindergarten and Primary school and then appear at Swinburne at 18 doing Foundation in Business

I am not wrong, you bullys are wrong for being so idiotic in the first place
Nuff said


Mysterious God Of Light said...

Nice one! A long one in fact.

Since you blocked SwinWiFi IP address, it'll be useless for me anyway.

Best of luck in your next post.

God Bless =)

Mysterious God Of Light said...

Sorry I meant the IP address for your chatbox.

ANDeRsON said...

nice nice nice

Yumimi said...

You removed your chatbox??? That's sad =( But I think I get it. After my smoker post someone actually has the NERVE to "puff" in my chatbox =_= Geez I hope he/she gets it =O= Burned by their own ciggie ashes. YES!
Anyway don't care about them flamers yeah they're not worth the time of the day =)

Brendan Goh said...

To Moi: Really, then I think I know when did I blocked the Swin wifi IP, so obvious

To Yumimi, yeah. I did.
Apparently according to Anderson, the guy above you. I launched a personal attack against him just because he did number 10.

Then his friends also came and decided to cybeerbully my blog. Honestly, I really think its a misunderstanding, but they took it at such a wrong way. Even asking me to close down my blog

I have to tell you, I am really really pissed about that.

Brendan Goh said...

I mean, I didn't even really based anything on him, and then all this unnecessary drama pops up, and I am so tired of all this.

Yumimi said...

That's what happens when you actually criticise ANYTHING. See even when I blog about them smokers people actually JUSTIFY smoking =_= And till now my colleagues still take smoke breaks =o= Even though time and again I have told them they smell disgusting when they return.
And really, everyone knows that's wrong =O=
I didn't write my post based on AnnHime either. And look what happens =_= All I did was give an example.
If you know you have done nothing wrong there's no need to answer to these people. Writers have haters. They always do.
Even JK Rowling has haters. Look at all the Christians.
Oops! I hope you're not a Christian @_@ Haha no offense meant =)
I find your Couple post entertaining btw XD And I agree that many couples are just plain annoying. Show-offs!

Brendan Goh said...

Finally, someone getting the logic of it, lol. No I am not Christian, even if I were, damn hell I wouldn't be Catholic, Jehovah, Mormon, or Methodist. But maybe gay friendly ones, since I am so into the equality thing. LOL

Anyways, I am actually a Thai Buddhist, but I am not the hardcore kind.

Yumimi said...

Aah...I am a Catholic =_= I said Christians because they actually refuse to read her books because she does her research based on real witch-craft. They say it's like an act of worshipping the devil that's why these (hardcore) Christians don't read her books. =)

Brendan Goh said...

oh, the simpsons! HAHAHAHA, now I remember, Harry Potter practised witchcraft and went straight to hell... the end, lol
I laughed so hard when it was on.
Sorry bout the catholic thing though, lol