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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A sense of peace

Lets see by disabling anonymous comments from my blog
I have a sense of peace.
Which, I have to say, its been lovely.
No one is insulting my sanctuary
I feel so happy
For what it's worth
I am studying for my finals now
So yeah, been kind of busy with all the studying
Other than that, I also have to plan my month long solace

Well, during this study week, you can say that my mom is kind of taking advantage of me
Asking me to do all the household chores
I don't mind at all, I am kind of free anyways
Plus I can take a few breaks in between studying.
See, I take my time and study, not nervously cram everything into it
Just remain focused

So now this is my time to tell you all guys, that this might be the last post of this month.
Also, I have been thinking a lot too

Should I continue for my degree in Swinburne?

I think it is best that I pursue my degree somewhere else
Career wise and personal emotions wise
Career wise is that, I don't think Swinburne is able to offer what I need to study in
Personal wise, well the infamous Anderson Lai and infamous cohorts of cyberbullies vs Brendan Goh handicap match is enough to prove it
Plus the childish, high school like atmosphere of Swinburne which I feel.
The environment is also designed to exude a very artificial and stressful aura
I also think Kuching is too old on me anymore
I need to move, a change in life
Lets see if my parents agree or not

Right now I have to focus on my exams
Channel all my energy towards it
However, it seems the study mood in me is already on vacation
Which makes it harder for me to concentrate

In the end, I feel like I have 2 choices to choose from
Public Relations
Architecture (yes, I might have been inspired by my ex who I am no longer in contact with)
Both which are not in Swinburne

However, time will tell.
Ending my post here with a poem
Lets see if you can get a gist of what I am about to do on my next post
Also, I feel free to allow anonymous comments now

Time will tell,
Evening fell,
Set in stone,
Tells the tone.


♥||Stephanie||♥pretty_obasam♥|| said...

wish u all the best for ur finals ;) good luck.

Anonymous said...

son of gay...go to die la~ reborn to be an undead

Anonymous said...

sigh,go overseas study la,since u like to act as foreigners,go oxford or other uni since u like to show off english,put u in rural area n u will die standing

Brendan Goh said...

Hey anonymous lonely thing that no one loves.

I was just thinking though

Why are you so obsessed with me? Are you that jealous of me?

Thanks for leaving me some comments, though I have to say homophobic comments is prohibited

Anonymous said...


cibai brendan is gay

Jake Lo said...

Cool poem, very Charmed.