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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

10 things why Crowning a Prom Queen in College is so wrong

  1. You are having a PROM while you are studying in a COLLEGE
  2. Being a Prom Queen candidate in College states that you are either some glory hounding slut who wishes to relieve her former days as prom queen because right now your life sucks or some dumb slut who actually thinks its cool
  3. The title of prom queen is so low-rated teenage comedy and high school suburbia
  4. If you post the pictures on the halls, people will think how much you charge per hour
  6. Even if the sign says 'Prom Queen Candidates' it actually means (Nominees for Slut of The Year)
  7. If you won the title of Prom Queen, we know that you have many slutty girlfriends and serviced every guy that has voted for you
  8. Having a crown on your head in the annual College dance doesn't mean you are royalty and that everybody likes you, it means you sucked the most cocks.
  9. Its very very very lame
  10. College is a time to have fun, not bitchy cat fights and crowning people. Its not high school


mun yin said...

*liked this post* too bad don't have 'like' button like fb :D.

Jake Lo said...

Prom in college, well that's just wrong. :(

Brendan Goh said...

to mun yin: LOL YEAH

Jake Lo: My school is hosting it and I hated it, plus I rather spend my 60 bucks with something from Padini, which I did, lol.