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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Worst Week of My Life

Correction: Its the Worst Week of my life, so far.
Damn, it just sucks, lemme just list them for you and the incidents that really really really just screwed my life
I have no car. My mom sent hers to the shop so that means she has to use my car and drive me around, hence I cannot get my ass out of Swinburne even if I wanted to.

My brothers made a mess of my car. My car HAS NEVER been this dirty. There is dirt, grass and even some rice inside my car. And I swear to god there's some chocolate stains in the back seat. In addition, the car is also dirty and muddy which means I have to give it another thorough wash, even though I already washed it a few days ago. Also, the plastic compartment that holds the seat belt for the passenger seat is contorted, I really don't wanna know how that happen.

The fact that my car needs to be washed AND vacuumed twice a week now

I got soaked in the rain while wearing my favorite Topman shirt! Thank god its fine, but still, screw the rain.

The stupid accounting teacher was suddenly EXTREMELY hardworking at the lecture, observing the students as he goes up the row to check on the calculations or in his retarded language 'computations'. Seriously, its a CALCULATOR, you CALCULATE. It was seriously so unbelievable, that I thought that pigs can fly.

My brother went to the bathroom to shit, when he shit, he probably contributes 1% of the total air pollution in the whole Kuching suburbs. In fact when he shit, he stinks up the whole toilet, unfortunately, my contact lens were left unopened there and guess what? The next morning, my eyes stung when I wore them, forcing me to change to a new pair and a new case.

My PDA's battery was flat for some unknown reason, suddenly it just went dead.

I dunno how to replace the battery since the phone was bought all the way from Miri. And if you know my dad, he would always scold first and ask questions later and then nagging about it for a period of 4 to 6 months.

When I went home, my laptop was soaked due to the rain, thankfully it is fine. But still pissed that it was soaked.

Everyday, I have to wait like a loser for my car to come.

The severely discounted bag that I bought for a measly 100 bucks has a slight tear after one semester... yay me...

I went up to the cemetary to see my grandad. Unfortunately its the Chinese Halloween Festival, where the difference is that you stay at home and hole yourself instead of going out in scary costumes and having fun like Western cultures. Then that stupid monk had to chant loudly and annoyingly which made me want to cry. Not because of the horrible voice but the fact I cried the hardest when the chanting comes during my grandad's funeral.

There is a hole on my pink shirt that exposed one of my nipples. It feels like Janet Jackson at the superbowl

I broke a freaking chair at the lecture teather and what did my friends did? They laughed, some friends they are.

Screw it, worst week of my life so far. Screw it.


Jake Lo said...

Wow, that wasn't a good week. But at least you got through alive, huh? That has to count for something. :)

Brendan Goh said...

its going to be the worst fortnight ever