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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Spolight On: The Saturdays

Everyone knows who are the Saturdays
And if you don't please feel free and go back to the shitty hole wherever you came from and fuck yourself with a fucking shit-filled dildo.

The Saturdays which are Una Healy, Mollie King, Rochelle Wiseman, Frankie Sanford and Vanessa White made headlines way back in 2008 with their first single 'If This is Love' and then followed by their second hit, which made it to Malaysian airwaves with 'Up'. Now considering that they get their songs played by, which I can say that they are successful in the Malaysian market, because usually cycle their songs repetitively until they become from fresh hits to into shit that is as stale as stale bread can be. Unfortunately some cycled more than others, moreover, Malaysian radio shows are nothing but a bunch of idiot dumbasses with bad taste in music and extremely annoying infomercials which they happen to play more than the songs themselves.

Other singles like 'Work', 'Issues' and 'I Just Can't Get Enough' were also great hits. However, if you were to ask me what my favorite song from their first effort, Chasing Lights, I would say it would be 'Issues' because I have issues, lol.

The Saturdays are back (though it seemed they were never gone) with their second album Colonial Masses out in late 2009 or more specifically October 26th. The first single is this energetic, break up song called Forever is Over. Which is full of angst and a little rock edged, it sorta suits my current mood now. Anyway, AWKWARD.

Here is the premiere of 'Forever is Over'. I really love this song and really wish my readers would give them a try. If Colonial Masses is this good, I really cannot wait for what the rest of the album might be like.


Mysterious God Of Light said...

Love~ it! =D

God Bless =)

cheewah88 said...

heeyyyy brendan!

updated my blog at your request teeheetee

I love their song 'Issue'.