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Saturday, September 12, 2009

On TV: Good and Bad, Part 1

The second season of 90210! Yes there is a certain guy named Dustin Milligan who plays this certainly sexy guy named Ethan Ward is not around anymore as he was written off. Guess what people, he is going to stay in Montana with his daddy... screw the lousy writers. This season of 90210 promises to have a much classier fashion and much more nasty. Think the LA clone of gossip girl, think Swinburne University only much more interesting, think Brendan Goh in a place where people and him are in sync with fashion instead of being 10 years ahead and being assumed as a gay person.

Reason you should watch: Its more juicy than ever with affairs with married men, naked pics of a certain principal's daughter, a cute tennis boy whose attitude resembles Chong Zhia Hwa and I am so not kidding.

Reason you should not watch: Its like a clone of gossip girl, only less witty and more drama.

Overall: The new 90210 fares better than the first season thanks to a new team of writers and producers. 90210 gets 3 stars out of 5

All girls this season is 5 foot seven or shorter, thus giving shorter girls a chance to model. Tyra is attempting to change the world of fashion again. With the first ever Ty-over (immediate makeovers for the finalists), you bet its gonna open with a bang of shrieks and screams and loads of drama. Plus, you know Tyra, faking accents, elaborate entrances and what not. The judging panel has also changed with legendary supermodel Paulina Poriskova got the sack and now is Ms Jay, Nigel, Tyra and a guest judge. Also, Elite Model Management is replaced by Wilhemina models who happens to hire anyone.

Reason you should watch: Who doesn't love Tyra, drama, makeovers and fashion. Plus its a great test of fashion ability for you to be able to predict who comes first, lol.

Reason you should not watch: Ask Belinda Liew.

Overall: I like this new cycle, I think its hot, lol. Though slightly disappointed with a few of the selections (after 13 cycles, obviously I am pretty much an expert, I so totally should be the 4th judge, like Ellen Degeneres as Paula Abdul's replacement on American Idol, I will be giving the 'people's view'). Cycle 13 gets 4 out of 5.

If you like High School Music but the more adult and dark comedy version, watch Glee. I am sure you will have a lot of laughs with this one. Its about a teacher who used to go to the school he teaches, wishing to revive the Glee club to its former glory (Glee is Choir).

Reason you should watch: Its not like any other show, its different and very interesting. Its a musical comedy with a bit of darkness to it that appeals parents and kids alike.

Reason you should not watch: There is no reason

Overall: You should watch even though the film maybe banned here due to suggestive sex gestures, then again we all did em in high school. 5 out of 5 people.
Its like the old Merose except less campy, more mysterious, sophisticated and dark writing. But the elements of sex, drugs, murder and whatever things that make things interesting in it. Its just like the old one receiving a facelift relating itself to current issues that are deemed controversial.

Reason you should watch: Women and gays, the men, especially Colin Egglesfield (the guy on the left) is seriously hot and mysterious, lol. As for guys and lesbians, there is a bisexual girl on the prowl and she is blonde and she is hot... need I say more?

Reason you should not: This show just seems to be a little more of the critically acclaimed stuff as comercially, they just blend too well into the background, evidenced by their 2.3 million viewers in the season opener. So it might get a little boring.

Overall: I liked it but I feel the blend too, it gets 3 out of 5


Chester Chin said...

very VERY excited about Glee~~~~~~

Anonymous said...

where did you find the pic? its really cool!