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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spotlight On: Love and Theft

I always love indy and country music, they give me a sense of peace whenever I am on the road, I guess in that sense, I have the essence of a real man.
I love country music because most of them tell a story, a way to make me feel and reflect on myself. Some I can relate myself into, like Taylor Swift.
Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Leann Rimes and Rascal Flatts are some of those big names in the country music business., but usually, the music that I chose are random at best, but they always have some form of energy in there.
I know that among my friends or dare I say, the whole Asian Continent do not update themselves much with the current hits.
Take 'Poker Face' by Lady Gaga for example, I listened to it way back last year and was hooked on it, by the time it goes mainstream, I still liked it but I have already moved on to Love Game, Paper Gangsta, Paparazzi and Starstruck .

Now let me introduce to you to this awesome new band called Love and Theft (they should totally change the name). When I first heard of it while surfing through the net, I was like, 'Love and Theft'? Sounds like a cheezy boy band, but I was hell wrong!

Their single 'Runaway' from their first album World Wide Open literally in my essence sends my world wide open, guess you can never judge a book. The song is obviously about a young man's feeling that he has had enough of the way he has been treated and decides to leave this shitty town for good. When I was imagining this video, I was thinking me, Kiat Seng and Martin were like pissed off with this place and decided to runaway. Martin gets a truck, Kiat Seng was on a bike and I get a muscular mustang in the middle of the dessert, driving towards nowhere. Then we reached some airport in Dallas (don't ask, I saw Dallas) and strummed our guitars and sing on top of a carrier truck.

Well, that's my version. I can honestly relate to the feeling of being stuck in a shitty town that even though loads of facilities become available but you still feel that it's boring and something's missing and you feel like you should get out of here, because there is nothing there that can offer you to stay.

Well, that's my version of the song, what do you think about Love and Theft's Runaway video? Listen to it and sound of below, if you still read my little slice of heaven.

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