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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wow, my first post.
Anyway,why does everyone say bad stuff about paris hilton.
Her single stars are blind are doing well in the bilboard 100 and i bet turn it up will do the same.
Cha guys keep on saying that she is a brianless party girl whose singing voice is electronically generated well,SCREW YOU AND GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!
She is so great that for my next project for the casa la 7 is to shoot a video of me singing TURN IT UP!!!!!!
Rachel, Houston and Samantha are in too but they will be dancing.
Even Celcom agrees i could show you the add but i am new at this.
You can go to Friendster to check it out.
Oh yeah there is this guy, tyler hilton, who sings great sentimental and country music. I recommend you should give it a try, Rachel stevens has also a few great singles such as so good,the ost for my not so sweet sixteen. It was ment to be sweet but family ruined it. FUCK YOU DARREN AND RYAN!!!!!

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