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Friday, August 25, 2006

Modeling in Grecce
On the June Holidays after spending my dead body involved tortorous vacation in kl, I went to do some modeling in grecce.
Rachel's mom got us modeling jobs for 4 guys and 10 girls.
We took photos in swimsuit and beachwear for teen vogue magazine
Did i mention that we are on the cover of the August issue?
Would like to show real bad but did not have the magazine.
So the guys are me, aaron, mika and blake.
The ladies are alana, rachel, julie, michelle, rebecca, tori, jenascia, roxanne, colette, and surprisingly melissa.
That girl is turning into an ass-shaking bootylicious smarty pants.
Anyway, we visited tourist attractions and didn't buy anything because of the photoshoots, interviews and the spa treatment.
When school reopens i felt like quiting malaysia and migrate to the states.
However due to my paranoid mom's fear of liberty(the dog not the statue as my dogs av PROSTITUTE and WHORE that always get pregnant)
I can't go unless i take liberty with me which is impossible because soufle and liberty are like rachel and bianca, enemies to the bitter end.
F,Y,I, liberty's sixth prenancy is coming soon (saw her fucking with another ugly mongrel does my pure bred peikingesse loves to fuck or be pregnant? (my mom is starting to nag and giving the dog lectures aboout sex.)
I guess we gotta do a little vaginal ligation or just cut the male dog's balls off when i see him fucking my liberty

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