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Friday, August 25, 2006

He Did It This Time
Man, jessica called. She was weeping like crap.
Her boyfriend cheated on her with that black WHORE Bianca.
She was so mad when she caught them cheating that she slapped Bianca and kicked her nowb ex in the crotch.
And if that isn't bad, she was wearing her killer jimmy choo's.
Talk about painful.
The guy was sent to the emergency room and due to his playboy situation, the doctor advised him to lay off the passion that involves his penis to avoid an infection.
When i heard this, i can't stop lauging.
She asked why did i laugh at her misfortune.
I told her that the next time he cheats he should make sure the girl doesn't pwn any Jimmy Choo's
She laughed.
Still haven't heard from aaron' i am getting worried.
Rachel was like stop the paranoia already.
But i can't help it he didn't answer his cell for like hours and i need to know that nobody got hurt.

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