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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Seeing you looking so hot,
Flirting with me like you are the one,
Look like you wanna fuck,
Cause you wanna feel the oomph!

That is not the girl that i know,
That is not the girl that i want,
I know that girl is inside,
And she is what i want!

Why are you so naughty naughty,
Why are you so wan pi, wan pi,
And i know you want me
So stop seducing me,
And show me who you are.

You approach me and say
"Hello Handsome, do ya wanna fuck?"
I was so shocked
And i could only drift away



Who i want is a fun and pretty girl
Not the prostitute i just met
Please listen to me
Be who you are cause that is the girl that i want!


My debut single, well at least its gonna be.
Its a dance music.

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