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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vultures of 4sc1.
Its that season again! A pack of vultures are circling around a turkey forced to guard a cave full of treasure that has been recently produced. some are generous, some aren't. Once the turkey gives, some still did not give up and continue on throttling the turkey until a bell rang that allows makes the vulture to stop and the war will still continue until an ammendment is given.
Seems like some story from the ancient times right? HELL WRONG! Cha can see it here in today's world!
The vultures: Melissa, Jia Jia, Brigid, Senk Siang, Ying Ying, Jenny, Eric, Hubert, Liang Juin, Ricky (usually)
The turkey; teachers
The bell: school bell (DUH!)
The treasure: Marks
The ammendment: Report Card
The season: Exam
I personally would never sink to such low unless it is needed for me to pass.
These guys aka the mentioned vultures however are quite good (i got last twice)
But they still wanna get some friggin extra marks.
Especially melissa, jia jia and liang juin, these guys are the super kiasu type who always pick on teachers that are better off living in Singapore.
(Kiasu meaning sore loser)
I got last TWICE i should be the whiny kiasu one not THEM.
National day is commin luckily i don't need to go cawat whatever it is.
Hello, you are talking to a guy who said "What's a bus?" in his reality show.
Our class should be called 4 SCam-ass 1 not 4 SCience 1 because of the recent increase of mutated, kiasu, snobbish vultures.

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