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Friday, August 25, 2006

My best friend Aaron Tan confessed to me that he is gay.
I was like okay, no problem, i accept and will still be your best friend.
So after kuching fest, interrogated by my mom and eating that lovely calamari sushi, i took of my shirt and then he called me and revealed to me about his homosexuality.
I was being a terrible friend just because i am seriously shocked.
I can never forgive myself.
Aaron is my buddy, confidante, rock and nicole and i BAILED out on him.
Luckily Aaron understands my hysterical paranoid nature.
He is going to break up with Danielle today (just when rachel and i saw we are together again.)
I am extremely worried.
Told rachel to watch over Danielle as she may be suicidal.
Why? because they dated for 3 years and his going to break up with her just because he chose TO SUCK COCK instead of flirting and hooking up with girls or be loyal to Danielle.

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