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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Making The Band 3

After watching them every friday at 11pm for months, diddy FINALLY made a band!
First of all let me tell you the girls that i chose to be in the band.
1. Aubrey, she is extremely talented, a great leader plus she has star power.
2. Aundrea, she is talented, sensitive, humble and an extremely great dancer.
3. Shannon, she is blonde, every girl band has at least one, for example, sugababes, pussycat dolls, spice girls. She is also an incredible dancer.
4. Jasmine, she brings in the oomph!
5. Melissa, I love her style.

However, i only got 3 out of 5 right (not bad)
Aubrey, Aundrea, Shannon, Dawn and Wanita made it.
Dawn i can understand but Wanita? I prefer Denosh but her bitchyness gave way.
I would like to congratulate the girls that made it and i can't wait for the album or single.
As for Denosh, Dominique, Kelli, Melissa, Jasmine and Taquita, i wish you all the best.

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