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Friday, December 28, 2007

Brendzblog on hiatus
Its just seems that time passes by when you are having fun
While time sits still when you are not.
That just sucks
Obviously I dunno what to do.
Gonna go to that stupid brainwashing camp
for 10 fucking weeks
I dunno what to do though
But it gives me time to write my books
Just so you know as a humanitarian and a good samaritan
I am going to create a new blog
To show how suckish let others know about my experiences there
To let them know that they are doomed what are they gonna experience there in detail
To tell them what to bring for there safety and survival for their convenience and needs
To let them know that all the trainers there are homosexual perverts everything is okay and they are safe.
To reassure them that they will be brainwashed into over patriotic terrorists fine
Oh well, see you in Chinese New Year
will definitely be blogging
Haha, and don't forget my pressies
My birthday is on march 5th
I am gonna organize a party soon
Till then, goodbye
To all my readers, I love you all.
Even though that approximately half of you are gay.
xoxoxoxo Brendan Goh

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