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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I feel closer to strangers than my own classmates
A couple of my pals took me out A LOT these days
I just went out last night and got my first bottle
OF BEER!!!!!!!!!!
It tasted weird at first but its good.
Although my mom was PISSED
(the fact that my friends drank beer and not knowing that I drank beer)

I went out with a couple of good friends of tuition that I haven't seen in AGES!!
And they introduced me to a few of their own
Which results in me having a party almost every week
and going out almost every night.
But don't worry, the latest was before 1030
which was last night, lol
Last night I had a lot of fun
Although someparts of me are a little sore
due to mutiple pats on the back.
These days, I try to spend as much time out of the house as possible.
Cause there is nothing to do but beating my record of 1594 kills
with Ma Chao on Dynasty Warriors 5: Extreme Legends
Gotta say that is boring.

I am still wondering when would DC release the toy version of Hawkgirl
I know that I am very very old for that
but I am not playing with it.
I am keeping it as a remembrance of sorts
Maybe I should buy a Power Ranger since they have been in a large part of my life.
but that is just stupid, really.

Btw, I do feel closer to my new friends than to my classmates
For some reason, I just do
We told each other secrets that we never told anyone before
Maybe that's because we may never see each other in person again
and we don't know if people we know, knew about that particular person.
When I saw the pic of our class on jamie's blog.
It occured to me.
nothing but a CHARADE
A mere PLAY that was put on stage
Nothing but a SHAM
They may feel close to each other
but I know that I will always felt left out, no matter what.
But thnking about it,
I know they will be there for me
Andrea, Luke, Jeremy
God, I miss them sooooo much!!!
I may not be in their lives anymore
but I know that a thing called im will link us together

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