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Monday, December 03, 2007

Just so you know, I don't care

I read a few comments on my blog

and I didn't realized that

But anyway thanks for your comments

Even when they are actually untrue, rude and insulting

Thanks for your love.

I am sure some of you can't stand me

Wishing the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga bulldozed the shit out of me.

But hey, there is never such thing as bad publicity.

And I am sure that I won't be like Britney Spears

with paparazzi swarming at her like bees and then breakdown in front of a restaurant

or attacking a car with an umbrella

or running over someone's foot

or taking the turn off the red light

and of course,

shaving my head bald.

I would embrace it until everyone got so tired of me.

Come on, you know the word 'shame' is never in my volcabulary

I say what I want

That's the freedom of speech.

I cleared my room today,

got rid of the textbooks and stuff

I kept a few like my Biology Bible.

As a momento.

Honestly, I was shocked to see the HUGE stacks of paper piling up.

I was like did I study ALL of that?

My mom even joked that I should have more

I could only do my sarcastic jokes and said

'You must have so little when you are in high school'

that's why you are soooo jealous.

When the room was cleared with the textbooks, reference books and exercise books

I felt a sudden rush of ecstacy
The room felt
so empty
so clear
so free
The new Chi was very inviting
and I embrace it with my arms
My room felt so fresh.
As soon as the rain stops falling,
and the ground is dry,
The ceremony will begin
To signify the end of a part of my history
And the beginning of a new one.

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