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Saturday, December 01, 2007

My dearest cousin Derick celebrated his sexy 17 at his home.
It was a nice normal party with mixtures of relatives and friends.
Very nice and I showed them something very rebelious.
Here's a hint,
It is the leading symbol of a person who has wild side.
I think its very cool

Anyway, the food was great
Though I do wonder where the food came from
And why parents never threw a sweet 16 as cool as that for me.
In case you are wondering,
I am a little envious.
But, its Derrick's night
So I try not to act so diva-ish.

Derricks friends were like the normal Malaysian style friends
Acting like rowdy brutes and all
Not the kind that I have with my closest friends
We always talked to each other and yes we do joke
But the guys were never like Derricks' guys
Even the Straight ones.

Like my uncle Ah Jiu's wedding
The friends did this little intervention and jeering tactic
They cornered him and tease him
I think they are preety much fair-weathers.
I could only watch Derrick with pity and help the others.

However, this was not why I was offended
Derrick is fine
Don't need protecting
It happened quite early in the party
It was hard keeping my usual straight face all night
I felt so offended that I wanna smack that face over those 'creative' people.
Because it was just between me and Derrick not his other friends.
So why does it have to do with them?

I was talking to Derrick with my usual American tone of English
Its how I normally speak
You know what the other guy beside Derrick thinks
He says that why your cousin's english is so deep?
Actual meaning: Why your cousin thinks he is a cocky American asshole.
I mean I really took that I can never fit in with them
Because of the extremely great difference.
But that guy has that tone that its soft but you can actually hear it
Because he wants you to hear it.
It's just me
This is me naturally and fuck yeah I am not going to change this quality.
I know that the guy maybe jealous or something
but puh-leeze
Over something as minute as that
I didn't know that the guy can't understand english
Its not my fault that he is one of those btc pro-chi guys

Although, yes I did hang out with Derrick and his gang
Just to listen how they jeered him like a bunch of idiots with raging alcohol.
It was fun and Derrick did not seem angry
But at least my family left early
Cause I felt real awkward.

Another thing that pisses me off is couples whispering nothings to each other at someone's B-day party
Seriously, don't do that in public.
Its makes people uncomfortable and single people lonely
I have to give props to Anna and Lawrence on Cecelia's birthday a few days ago.
Not once that they did those stupid couple things.
It's someone's party and is thier time to shine
Not you and your spouses TomKat-ish romance.

I really don't get Derrick's friends
They prefer to hang outside the house.
In front of the street
Maybe that's where most of them belong
Instead of the yard
I dunno, Darren's friends are also like that
I am making mental notes of what to do on my next party.
To help to spice up being the David Tutera clone according to Brigid and Jeremy

Well, if you are planning a party,
here are a few tips.
1. Never ever allow your brother to invite his friends to YOUR PARTY!!!
First of all, is your night and your party
Do not allow your brothers to chip in to the guest list.
I did it under much parental control and looked what's happened

2. Never ever simply invite other people
Invite the people you really wanted to invite
Never invite other people just because they asked
I did and my party got screwed.

3. Seperate friends and family
Party for family means for family
Party for friends mean for friends
Never ever mix.
Your family will be watching stupid chinese soaps all night
While your friends are left at the streets.

4. If you have a very weird mom, by all means GET RID OF HER.
I think my mom has Ausberger syndrome
A mild form of autism
Heather from ANTM cycle 9 has it
My mom acted real weird over there
She actually tried to flirt with one of Derrick's friends
Plus she is Goddamn nosy and a total embarassment.

How can you achieve these four simple tips?
Well, for number 1.
Put your foot down!
No means no
Cancel the party if you have to
Your pride means everything.

Number 2
Make it exclusive
The person invited must feel special
That way, if more people asked?
Just blow them off.

Number 3
Have seperate parties.

Number 4
Send her as far away as you can
Keep her busy.

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