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Friday, December 28, 2007

So what if I am going to spend 10 weeks in prison?
It would be just a while (I hope)
Hopefully, it won't last for centuries
I know that normal teens like you and me have perished there.
Well, lets see.
There is a boy who died after a rat pooped in his food
A girl who died of menopause-like syndrome
Another boy who was suffering from varuious injuries and was neglected and given paracetamol who died in the end
A series of drowning cases
One or two guys who got beaten to death.
Hmm, hope there are no deaths this year
Its been five years and the death toll is quite high.
There should be no deaths this year
Or else, I strongly suggest that the programme is to be shut down.
its not safe
Us teens have a life for God sakes!
I promise you that I will write a journal and then put it into a blog.
Telling you my accounts and exposed the truth
Government media is controlled, never believe what they say.
Except when its about international issues.
Well, I have list of what I want to do after my stint in prison.
Its somewhere at the side.

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