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Sunday, December 23, 2007

What I want for christmas...
Christmas is coming in like 2 days!!!
well, of course I have been nice this year!!!
I always am and always will be.
But of course I am a little naughty, haha.
Today was a real cool day!!!
Dogs as in STRAY dogs!
Or ones that I didn't rear actually came to me
and ask for food from me
like I am a saint or sumthin, haha
well, i always give stray animals food at food centres.
They are sooo adorable!!!
Even though some are like breaten into crap.
Which is a very bad thing!!!
Animals should be treated nicely.
We are after all sharing planet earth with different species.

So this list is about things that I wished to happen
and I hope that you will help me make these wishes come true
1. That stray dogs and cats can be adopted and put into nice homes instead of the SSPCA
(We are not responisible for their sexual activities but at least give their kids a home. After all, life is precious. No matter how small. Unless they are bugs of course.)
2. This year will be an eco-friendly christmas. Buy things that are eco-friendly and biodegradable or reuse old stuff.
3. Britney Spears will be respected again. She has been trying real hard to get her life back on track so help her and support her.

Now here are the things I want for christmas
1. I want Paris Hilton for Men, been craving it since last year!!!!
2. Britney's blackout album.
3. Charmed book entitled 'Phoebe Who'
4. Charmed book entitled 'Light of the world'
5. Cecelia Ahern's 'A place called here'
6. I saw a lot of nice clothes at Boulevard, care to buy a black shirt for me??
7. A Nokia N73 or that Nokia slide phone.
8. A Hawkgirl action figure!!!!
9. Tickets to watch WWE RAW, Smackdown and ECW!!!
10. Well, buy an airline ticket and reunite me with my beloved.

Haha, merry christmas.
But I don't celebrate Christmas.
I celebrate the Winter Solstice which is lame
But I celebrate Hannukah!!!
Hannukah is celebrated for ten days
And you will recieve a present, everyday for ten days!!!
That's why i only have 10 things on my list, XD

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