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Monday, December 03, 2007

What do I think of my classmates

Okay, okay

Its been done before

One of my old post yeah yeah yeah

But its a mere description of my classmates as you can see

Now, as the not-so part of the century approaches,

I have decided to leave the past behind by

blogging what I REALLY FEEL about my classmates

The good and The bad

Alexander Lee

The Good

He is the life and soul of the party

He is entertaining

He is nice, fun and great

He is pretty much your all american boy with problems

that he disapppears from school almost everyday at the end of the year.

The Bad

He is real LAZY

He also have a little hint of a sinister darkside in him

It never revealed itself

But I think its there or I might be delusional

Andrea Chin

The Good

She is very nice and will always try to be your friend

She is helpful and a good confidante

Her heart is pure

In fact so pure that i would nominate her to sit beside God.

The Bad

She gets psyched out very easily

Her knees were shaking literally and it was just a few weeks before spm

Another thing is that she is too holy

Being holy is a good thing

but being too holy is what restricts you from things that you should try.

Like that 14 year old kid who is a believer of Jehovah Witness

He died of leukemia as he refuses a blood transfusion

Saying, that his blood will be tainted.

I dunno about him or you guys

but in my opinion he should go for it.

Life is very precious as you only lived once

Its very Harry Potter, pure bloods and Mudbloods.

Athena Chai

The Good

She is caring I guess

She is also very honest and true

The Bad

She knows how to be subtle with comments but still make sure you feel it


I would pity the guy who ever marries her.

Bong Khoon Sheng

The good

He is TALL

Mr Kennedy tall about 6 foot 2

He has soft heart despite his lanky image

with his hand that's full of veins due to B-ball

The Bad

He 'humphs' a lot

Dunno him that well though

When it comes to bad

I only know his good side

Brendan Goh

The Good

He is nice, sweet and funny

Very sociable and cares a lot

Great with sarcastic quotes

Even if you are his enemy

he will help you if you are in great desperation

He gives great advice and has an intersting philosophy to life

The Bad

He has a very hard outer shell

You would have to crack hard to get his good side

He is very dramatic

Get ready for mood swings and loud 'Oh My Gods'

Although he can be very nice, he can also be very fierce.

He is also a little bit like a jerk

Very, very arrogant.

Brigid Goh

The Good

She is a sweet girl

She loves to give girls hugs and show her affection

Among the girls, she is actually one of the few who actually has a personality

She is also very open

The Bad

She might be a little arrogant at first

But like Brendan, you gotta crack it real hard

Caroline Tan

The Good

She is a sweet girl

Very trendy

And close to her friends

She is also very beautiful

The Bad

Although she has the beauty factor,

her personality doesn't match that
She fades in the background
Fails to gather attention or doesn't want attention.
I dunno

Chai Mei Shan
The Good
She is a very nice and sweet girl
She is very hardworking, always had a thick stack of books by her side
She has quite a bright personality
And is also very wise.

The Bad
She has a dual personality
One is her quiet self that will growl at you if you make too much noise
The other is this wild, crazy, carefree type
Who is as loony as a moon.
You would know when she's haviong her period
Sadly, its the quiet one that happens when she has her period.
It might associate with oestrogen I think.
I will definitely pity her and will try to stay away from her
when she reaches menopause.

Chai Ming Bong
The Good
He is a nice, sweet and humble guy
That's about it

The Bad
He has this high fashion Saleisha mushroom head hair cut
(I am trying to be nice okay)
He is lame and looks dumb
But he is actually smart

Chien Joon Ching
The Good
She is a nice and sweet girl
A little princess
Dare I say it,
The most beautiful and hottest girl in class
Unlike Caroline, she has personality

The Bad
She is a little spoilt
(Duh, she is a princess)

Well, that's the first ten the others are coming soon.

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