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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

If 5sc1 are characters of dynasty warriors
Then I would totally kick ass!
I am a major dynasty warriors fan
Just the feeling of hacking and slashing makes me feel so good
In fact it is second to only Smackdown vs Raw
when it comes to my fav

Before I begin
(to bide time for me to rack my brain)
I am gonna tell you my Top 10 favorite games of al time.
1. Smackdown vs Raw series
2. Dynasty Warriors series
3. Soulcaliber series
4. Final Fantasy series
5. Mortal Kombat series
6. Sims 2 series
7. Samurai Warriors series
8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
9. Red Alert series
10. Pokemon series

So lets start with Liang Yew,
He would probably be Zhuge Liang
because he is smart and wise
and like his nickname which is 'Sleeping Dragon'
we know that he shines without the need of a voice
Like Zhuge Liang, he is very calm.

If Liang Yew were to be Zhuge Liang
then Liang Jiun would be Sima Yi
Although the relationship between Liang Yew and Liang Jiun and Zhuge Liang and Sima Yi
are COMPLETE opposites, however Liang Jiun matches with Sima Yi
Okay, Liang Jiun may be not as slim nor as cunning as Sima Yi
but he does have the sarcasm and the competitiveness.

My dear sweet Cyril will be the ever humble and practical Liu Bei
Cyril and Liu Bei are all very humble and have great noble values.
And I definitely know that Cyril is also very diplomatic.

Andrea will be Yue Ying
Like Andrea, Yue Ying has better wits than beauty.
Although Andrea and yue Ying sizes are like a ball and a piece of stick
Their knowledge and wisdom are matched equally.

Da Qiao is an over-dramatic girl who worries to much that she may have died of ulcers
She is also very cautious and careful like Michelle Lim
Although Michelle Lim is not as beautiful as Da Qiao
Their personalities are similar.

Zhou Tai would be Khoon Sheng
They are both tall and equally strong
They also have pretty few words to say compared to others.

Zhen Ji would be ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I know is embarassing cause I am similar to a girl or more precisely an Empress.
Just like me, you would first find her pompous and arrogant.
But once you get to know her,
You would know that she cares, a lot!

So who is my husband, Cao Pi?
Well, he has to be power hungry (like that narrows down the list)
cocky and soft spoken but sarcastic
I think it would be Elton.
I know, eww
eww, eww, eww.
I am gonna have nightmares for sure.

Alexander would be Sun Ce
He is very energetic and wild
He is a little wreckless and crazeh
but when you see him and Nina, you know there is a soft spot.

Jeremy would be Zhou Yu
Like Zhou Yu, he is calm and collected
He also is very sensitive although rarely shows it.
Like Zhou Yu, he is a sweet guy.

What about Zhou Yu's wife, Xiao Qiao?
The person has to be very reckless but cute at the same time.
And acts like a little girl.
Jamie? Okay, I guess its Jamie then.

Xing Cai is cool but fierce
There is no doubt in my mind it would be Athena

Diao Chan would be Joon Ching
They are both beautiful and loyal

Bad ass Lu Bu would be Bad Ass Eric
They are both fierce and strong
Lu Bu also has a soft side
You can see it when he is with Diao Chan
Like Eric and Jenny.

Yuan Shao is a very pompous 'big bomb'
So that would be Xiang Lun

Victor maybe pompous and arrogant
but he is actually nothing but a slob and greedy pig
Dong Zhuo would be suitable for him.

Yee Ying is passionate and willing to stand for the things she believes in,
so I would have to say that
She deserves the role of Ma Chao
They are equally firece and their stand on their beliefs are the same.

Zhang Fei always brings in the fun
So that would be Luke.
So lets party!

Senk Siang would be a great Guan Yu
He is very strong and powerful
Plus he is also known as the God of War, you see his statue in Buddhist temples
Senk Siang is perfect for that.

Huang Zhong is an old man
but he still got a few good juices left within him
Just like Jia Zhi.

Well, out of juice
Can't compare anymore.
Blog more soon.

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