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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You know that I am bored
So that's why I am blogging again
I am off for KL soon
I am obviously sick and tired of it
But I will be back on sunday
So its about 5 days of hell
I don't like my nation's capital

First of all,
its too HOT!!!
God! Last time I was there
I suffered so much heat that I feel sick
I vomited

Nextly is the people
They are very rude
I don't understand Cantonesse okay
I don't even watch your stupid Cantonesse soaps
that are scripted horribly
and not to mention bad acting
and predictable scenes

Plus, there is also a lot of crime around
People literally have to put backpacks on their bellys

Then, there were of course accidents
More specifically motorcycle and cars
Last time I was there,
I saw a dead body, lying on the ground!

But not all of Kuala Lumpur is bad
There are gonna be great bargains there!!!
So my cash is fully loaded and ready to be spent
There are gonna be soooooooooooo many choices there
If you were to go to KL
and see a guy with his hands full of shopping bags,
that'll be me.
I wanna buy some clothes
Maybe not those raunchy T-shirts
Its a fashion fau-paux according to Glamour Magazine.
Jeans are also fine, I want some black ones though
I definitely will get a black shirt
I don't have any of those
Preferably long-sleeved.
More pinks into my wardrobe?
Sorry, i think two is enough.
I would find more blacks as the celcom T-shirt is the only 1 I have.
Beiges and browns are out, too many
Whites are also a no-no
Maybe blue or purple.
Greens are a yes
As for jeans, more black too

Oh my God, there is also accesories!!!!
I want something like Jeremy's
The ones that look like a ring
and maybe even the ones that are large like Khoon Sheng
Or a graphic stud
Never ever choose those large round and flat black ones
too UGLY!!!!!!!!!!
I may even choose a bracelet or two

Next is CANDY!!!!!!!!!
I can't remember which supermarket but it has a LARGE variety of CANDY!!!!!!
I wanna buy all
10 bucks is enough, i think.
Ohhh, I can't wait to get some candy and gorge on them myself!!!!

Also on my list is CHOCOLATES
I want to have some nice yummy chocolates in my tummy
Maybe a bar or two
A few Snickers, Mars, Milky Way or Bounty might be in store
To keep that energy going.
I am in a shopping marathon.

I would also want to buy a perfume or cologne
I want to smell extremely revitalising
So that I might attract a few girls to sniff my scent
and let them follow me like a bunch of dogs looking at a nice piece of steak
Well, lets hope its girls and not guys, lmao!
But then again, maybe a few men won't be so bad

Of course DVDs are in my list
I wanna buy Ugly Betty!
I missed a lot and i wanna watch
I hope it will be cheaper too though

Scoop is nice but i wanna check out other flavours too.
I want some blue ice cream, if they have any
Lets hope my greedy mom won't try to steal a bite
I am gonna defend myself by making her guilty in gaining weight.

Come on, you think that I am THAT selfish?
I will definitely buy something for you
Just holla me and I will do it!
But you gotta get the gifts yourselves though
Unless you are going to Xiang Lun's birthday party on the 17th.
Of course if i still have money left after my shopping marathon.

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