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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lovin Life
Yeah, yeah so I borrowed the Michelle McCool quote.
But honestly, yes!
I am loving my life of peace and harmony, well almost peace and harmony.
Its so calm, nothing to do everyday seems nice.
Nut unfortunately, I think that its time for me to go to school.
All this holidaying been's fun
but I am ready to get back to school now.
Besides, when I start school, my friends in the US are preparing to move into campus.
I am so envious of them!
Compared to me who is stuck in Kuching and living with my parents.
And I hate it!
Not much freedom plus nosy brothers!
Great, talk about a 2 in 1 package.
I hate the feeling of being close to home.
I feel so constricted, its suffocating.
And I don't like it, really.
But that's how life is, as usual.
Gosh, change that statement about Lovin Life
I will love it when I quit my job, go to college and get away from my parents
Right now, I am hating life and it sucks.

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