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Friday, May 30, 2008

200th episode of Brendzblog!!!!
Wow, its been 200 posts already, and it took me almost 2 years to do it, lol
So, i guess this sorta proves that I am not a very frequent blogger.
I just blog twice as much than normal people.
So yeah, compared to Jamie, who has around 365 post per year, I am way behind with my 100 per year.
Well, 200 posts and still going strong!
Am I going to keep this blog?
Yes, for now.
But I think its definitely gonna change.
I don't know
Nobody knows.
Blogging is fun for me.
In my opinion, its sorta my haven.
A sanctuary of peace where creative thoughts flow into an ocean of ideas, thoughts and refections
A punching bag for me, when I feel sad and want to rant about something
Its sorta like a second mouth for me
Where I can voice my opinions, reveal my feelings, process my thoughts
In fact, a lot of inspirations come to me when I am blogging.
As I am typing these words
An aura of creative juice, splash its paves its way into my thought
Waiting for my hands to paint and splash on an empty white screen.
The feeling is peaceful, my pace, rapid but calm
Like a new machine working very smoothly
Poetic, as I am, it takes me a while to think of words.
It pretty much makes me stay on top
Keeps my mind working
Helping me piece words in different arrangements in to witty, poetic and meaningful opinions.
Sure, sometimes you get sick of me bitching this and trashing that
repeating an interest like its a fetish
write something that you cannot entirely understand that makes you think that I am crazy, weird or a pompous prep with 'deep' English but in actuality your proficiency in english is not as fluent as mine and that MOST people actually understand what I am saying and feeling.

I guess its just me
I am diffrent, unique, individualistic, and more importantly, I have an opinion.
A different perspective in life.
Everyone has an opinion but what matters is the substance in it.

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