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Friday, May 23, 2008

Why? Why? Why? *smack* *head bleeds*

That shit ass actuallly won American Idol?
He didn't even rocked it last night!!!
I mean Archuleta brought the house down,
he stole the show, and looks adoerable doing it.
And you let some ruggedy, rocker win this thing?
This is SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean it's not as unfair as Taylor Hicks winning American Idol 5,
cause he sucks and Katherine is way more opoular
but still, DAVID COOK?
Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot believe this!!!
Its a total shocker!!!!
This is very upsetting.
He doesn't deserve to win!
Archuleta does.
I mean just look at him, hear his voice.
Its melodious!!!
Argh, forget about it.
What's done is done.

*looks towards the camera*
I am not good at predicting American Idol winners
even though I got it right twice.

1 comment:

Dienasty said...

Hey, David Cook is GOOD okay. I like him!