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Monday, May 05, 2008

I just can't wait any longer
At first, I am picky
I wanna choose the right college that works well with my course.
Now, everything in my life is topsy turvy.
I can never get anything I wanted
I can never achieve anything I wanted
I am so depressed right now.
I am choosing a course that hopefully is similar to what I do.
My material life is gone now
Thanks to my parent's obsession with 4D,
I cannot have what I want.
It just sucks.
Why, does God have to punish me to get such an idiotic family.
Why don't I have a normal one,
Where I would have my own car, my own laptop and no job!

Yesterday, I met Isabel again.
With a purchase of Padini in tow.
And its sick that she has all this free time to dance and frolic
While I have to be stuck in Food & Tea during my weekends.
I hate working there.
The food sucks too.
Believe me, you can make more than half the dishes at home.
The people there look like they learned cooking from the cook book, 'Cooking For Dummies'
Plus, my manager keeps on hollering me to do all the nasty jobs!
Moreover, the guy is an asshole who gets messed up easily and simply bark at people.
Plus he plays that same kind of stupid music everyday!!!
Include a moody chef, and a "senior" who just bosses people around just pisses me off.
The chef reminds me of women during menopause.
The chef is a man, btw.
Did I also mention that he gets to talk and socialise around with others while I can't?
Anna's my friend, you cannot pull me off and ask me to do other jobs.
I know he hates me cause he treats others nicely and not me.
God, I am so quitting after end of this month.
Besides, I think I am going insane with the crappy chinese music.

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