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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post Torrie Binge
Torrie Wilson released?
As of 8th May 2008?
God I feel so depressed!!!
This can't be happening!!!!
Damn it.
I am going to have to go on a binge.
I am going to gain weight again and I don't like it.
This news pretty much made me snap so I am binging tonight.

Reasons to binge
1. Torrie Wilson Released
2. I don't have someone to cuddle with at night, nothing but a pillow ( pathetic I know, since I have 3 large ones and 2 normal ones and I only use one.)
3. I am bored
4. I am being paid to little
5. Candice is still not back from her injury.
6. I already bought the food

Reasons not to binge
1. Don't wanna gain weight, wanna lose weight
2. Wanna pose for Playgirl

Well, that's about it.
Alright, I am binging.

Pringles, check
Snickers, check
Doritos, check
Cadbury Marble, check
Cadbury Whip, check
Mars. check
Haagen Dazs, check
Desserts, check
To Dau Kueh ( Nut pastry), check
Donuts, check
Candy, check
Whipped Cream, check
Chipsmore, check
Arnotts, check
Famous Amos, check

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