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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Eight Belles
Okay, the Kentucky Derby Tragedy is one of the world's most inhumane, sickening, disgusting, cruel and more evil than the Chinese eating dogs, Al-Qaeda beheading people and the Indian dude who had sex with corpses of children combined.

Did I mention that it is also very retarded, sad, crazy, idiotic, dumb and unecessary to do that?

I could never imagine that there is a much more crueler and blunt human being in the world other than the aforementioned people, but apparently there is and he is even more crueler than a Chinese-Indian muslim who has links with Al-Qaeda and loves to eat dogs and have sex with dead corpses. More importantly, the combination is imaginary.

What am I talking about, well I am telling you as a pet-owner, human rights activist, soon-to-be vegan and human being who is born on the year of the horse.

THE OWNER OF THE HORSE, EIGHT BELLES, btw FINISHED SECOND in the race has been euthanised because of her ankles are broken

To make it simpler, a horse who finished 2nd in a horse race was killed by her owner because her ankles are broken.




Personally, as an animal lover and a person who is born in the year of the horse, it really is a slap in the face.

I mean seriously, caring for a horse needs a lot of work and care and patience. Needless to say it needs lots of cash.

You spend millions to buy a freaking horse, shouldn't you, i dunno, have the funds to care for it?
Mend it while it is sick or injured? Have a barn for it to sleep around?

Instead of gunning it down and say 'Its a business decision.'

Have you ever hear me killing my own dogs, just because its broke its legs, or on the brink of death because it got knocked down by some insensitive, fat ass, cheesy, ah beng with a beat up SUV who has driving skills worse than a crippled, legally blind, grandmother and then say 'Its a business decision.'?

The answer is a big fat NO!

I will support it, care it, devote all my time on it!

I am even willing to sacrifice time off school or working, just to make sure that it can get back in its own two feet and yapping like the happy dog it was and always will be!

Its better than give it to Aaron Ong who will hang the canine, covered with honey and lemon marinade over an open fire rite?

Now look, the life of a race horse is very sad and very stressful. You can see the sadness in their very cute and droopy eyes.

You see, they must win and prevent from any injury, cause if they get injurned, like Eight Belles, will get some morphine injected into the blood and then probably sent it to an Aaron Ong clone in Kentucky to let him marinate it in some very special and personal marinade from Kentucky and roast it over an open flame.

Race horses can only do racing at an average of seven years.

After they retire, the good race horses and the lousy ones tend to go to different paths.

Ironically, the lousy ones tend to have the very good life or kena euthanised and shipped to Aaron Ong.

The good ones, will be forced to reproduce 'heirs' aka, new horse = more money.

I think its very disgusting and inhumane.

Its like asking a retired senior and his aged wife to reproduce so that their sons get to work and earn more money.

The men, will be spreading their hormones till the far edge of the barn and the females will be sitting around, barefoot and pregnant.

Not to mention, getting sleepless nights, mood swings, post-natal depression and of course sore tits.

God, working at Food and Tea and getting sore legs from walking around is enough.

Imagine having SORE TITS. *shivers*

Honestly, if owners treat their pets poorly like that, then I am going to go all PETA on them.

I am going to tarnish and grattify their houses Along-style and then spray chili sauce and deja mustard with sugar all over them.

Chili sauce and deja mustard are very sweet things, good to attract ants and make the house more... Alongnized.

Luckily, there is no horse-racing in Kuching cause you will probably find me in police lockup quite often.

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