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Sunday, June 24, 2007

I was bored
Got nothing to do
Went to Sammy's house as usual
So like we sat around
The seven of us
Me, Sam, Anna, Lucy, Sean, Lawrence and Rachel
(For some reason)
We are great friends although from different schools
Closer to each other than our own classmates

Anna is from Kuching High
Lucy is from Green Road
Sean is from Batu Lintang
Samantha is from St.Mary
Lawrence is from Lodge
and I am from Sungai Maong
As for Rachel,
she is staying in a place called Los Angeles.

So we compared our schools
(with Rachel interrupting everytime with the fireemblem game.
Gave it to her to shut her up but it just got worse)

Then I suddenly realised
These guys come from elite schools that
are raved about by people of the society.

St. Mary provided stiff competition to everything they entered
Batu Lintang is the best choir group in Malaysia
(They sang for RTM)
Kuching High is like St. Mary and good in Academics and math
Lodge... well, we all know that its good
Green Road are good with sports
(thanks to Chong Zhia Hwa)
and what about my school?
Best in running with Franco
Taichi lovers and enthusiast
Chinese chess and caligraphy kings
Hyper-active Leo Club (until recently)
Our school is best with the chinese stuff!
All those stupid dorky chinese shit!
No wonder everybody hates me!!!!!!
They all love CHINESE
while I am SICK and TIRED of IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It really makes me wanna puke
Putrid school
I wanna graduate and leave this country as soon as possible!!!!
Now I regret being so bimbo-ish
Like Paris Hilton

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