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Saturday, June 16, 2007

How to answer survey questions
Just to piss ppl off.

1. Would you rather be called baby orbabe?*
Neither but babi sounds nice

2. Would you rather be doing this survey or watching television?
This survey so that I can teach ppl how to piss you off.

3. How are you feeling today?
I feel... (vomit)
4. What is on your bed right now?
A guy

5. What are you looking forward to?
Having sex with the guy next to me

6. Do you miss anyone?
Yea, I miss my boyfriend which is you

7. Where is he or she?
He is next to me while she is in the next room with a penguin doing you-know-what

8. Does he or she think of you always?*
He always thinks of me, she thinks about the stupid penguin

9. When will you smile?
when you suffer from pain

10. Did you see anyone you knew lastFriday night?*
yeah, lots and lots of penguins

11. What are your plans for Saturdaynight?*
same thing only with more men

12. Do you have classes tomorrow?
Yeah, a how-to-kick-your-ass class

13. What other windows do you haveopen beside this one?
the window outside

14. What are you going to eat fordinner?
my boyfriend's 14-inch penis

15. Is it your favorite dinner?
Of course, especially the mayo inside

16. Do you knockn or ring the doorbell?
I use your head
17. Do you love compliments?*
Yes! but not from you

18. Do you believe in yourself?*
always. but i don't believe in you though

19. How many times have you showeredthis week?*
dunno, but all of them are with my boyfriend

20. Do you have a daily planner?*
Yeah. monday, i beat you up. Tuesday, I beat you up. Wednesday, i beat you up

21. If so do you keep up with it?*
No the schedules the same everyday and everyweek, excluding weekends and public holidays

22. Who was the last person youcommented?*
You!. You are stupid, your feet is so smelly that flowers will wilt and die after you walk over them

23. What did you say?*
I said that you smell like shit. Ever heard of soap?

24. Is your love/crush on yourfeatured friends?
Am I on your featured friends?

25. Did you take your default pictureyourself?*
yes, every part of it. want 1?

26. Did you change anything on yourfriendster page today?
I changed you from a boy to a girl
27. You got a message, who is itusually from?
You. because you keep on sending me this stupid survey
28. Name one person that you haven'tseen in a while.
29. What would you do if he/she/theyshowed up on your front porch.*
I will rip his pants off, tell her the penguin is in the kitchen and them to join me and him
30. Do you love someone asides fromGod, your family and your friends?*
You! cuz I love kicking your ass
31. What song is playing right now?*
The 'I am gonna beat you up' song
32. Does that song remind you ofsomeone?*
yeah, reminds me of beating you up
33. How was your day?*
It will be fine... after i beat you up and senseless

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