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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Too much WWE?
Hey guys!
Here are the 9 superstars and 1 Diva switching brands
After the WWE Draft
1. The Great Khali from RAW to Smackdown
2. The Boogeyman from Smackdown to ECW
3. King Booker from Smackdown to RAW
4. Ric Flair from RAW to Smackdown
5. Chris Masters from RAW to Smackdown
6. Chris Benoit from Smackdown to ECW
7. Bobby Lashley from ECW to RAW
8. Snitsky from ECW to RAW
9. Mr. Kennedy from Smackdown to RAW
10. Torrie Wilsom from Smackdown to RAW

Goes to Smackdown???
Well, that;s it!
If you get Torrie then I want
Michelle Mccool
Jillian Hall
go to RAW
If you wondering why I have not chosen Ashley Masarro?
Well, she is like a blonde version of Lita aka Amy Dumas
So she is quite powerful and I want Candice to be Women's Champion
Besides, Ashley has her chance
She is also suspended
Oh yeah at the end of the draft nite, Mr. Mcmahon aka Chairman of WWE
is presumed dead
After his car exploded
So the supplementary draft is postponed to Sunday.
or possibly postponed to Monday Night RAW

Um, honestly though,
have i been posting too much WWE lately?
Well, maybe my life has been pretty slow lately
Lets hope my next post is me bitchin something
and not obsessing about WWE.

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