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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Its about 6.45 a.m. Malaysia time and...
In this special edition...
I am so totally going to blog about brendan's recent obsession about WWE
Ok, its just that nothing interesting in his life lately,
other than his grandpa's passing away of course.
That's why he is boring you with these stupid posts about WWE!
(Please note that he is right behind me watchin my every move)
Btw, we had sex and IT WAS GREAT
as usual
seriously, we do it all the time
nothin special

Well, first of all, I am Rachel who is not going to post a photo
because i forgot to bring my digicam
as usual
because i am a bimbo who is so forgetful
Not gonna use Brendan's because its of low quality
Never wanna be snaped in a low quality photo

Ok. brendan loved WWE ever since he was allowed to stay late at Tuesday nights
Which is, 10 to 11 months ago
He loves divas (as any hormonal male teen should)
I could feel his penis rising
Probably the fact that my hand is in his pants
but he hid my lip gloss in there somewhere.
found it
He stuck the butt of the lip gloss in his ass
Does the term 'mentally ill' say anything

Trish Stratus
Torrie Wilson
Victoria (maybe not)
Mickie James
Ashley Massaro
Maryse Quinlet
Cherrie (another maybe not)
Jillian Hall
Michelle Mccool
Kelly kelly
layla Murni
and of course
Candice Michelle

And a few guys
Randy Orton
The Miz
Kenny Dykstra
John Cena

But honestly whatever
He is so obsessed with it that i swear to God
That he cares about it more than his own dogs
\Liberty, Devil and Funky Doggy
meant the world to him
Nah... can't be
I will be posting more posts on this blog
because i am on summer holidays \
and staying here for two weeks
I am blogging here out of boredom
because there is nuttin to do but
shopping, talking, playing ps2, psp, gameboy
and sex, sex, sex and...
I am off now
Brendan is starting to unbutton my bra
Did you know how many bra's and panties that
he has ripped.
Equal to me ripping his boxers and underwear
I am not wearing any underwear

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