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Friday, June 01, 2007

Brendan's obsessions
I am here to tell you guys about my top 10 favourite women who are not related to me
Cuz your mom is always the number 1 woman in your life
Unless you are married, got a daughter, orphaned or your mother is some bitch-ass skank who never cares about you or a scheming bitch who tries to get everything her way.

1. Candice Michelle
The header, the videos and the post?
If you haven't see it then you have to get quadfocal lens
for your eyesight
because you are
astigmatism patient

2. Paris Hilton
Excuse me?
I am the male version of paris Hilton

3. Rachel Stevens
Her vid is on friendster
I loved her since her S Club 7 days
till now as a solo artist

4. Trish Stratus
The 7-time Women's Champion
Besides she is such a sweetheart
And the best wrestler of all time.

5. Karolina Kurkova
Russian supermodel
Her blonde hair is so blonde and bright
She's hot

6. Heidi Klum
I love Project Ruunway
Besides I went to youtube to check out
the german version of
America's Next Top Model

7. Carrie Underwood
Country singing sensation
American Idol
Bought her album last year
Love it to death

8. Jennifer Lopez
Accomplished actress
Great singer
Talented mentor for American Idol
Her spanish song 'Que Hiciste'
Keeps me dancing

9. Gail Kim
And you think I am some potato king
A potato is brown on the outside
and white on the inside
Like an asian who likes white boys or girls
Gays and women are called potato queens
She is Korean
And a wrestler on TNA

10. Tyra Banks
I love her energy!
I love her surprises
She makes me screaming like the girls on
America's Next Top Model

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