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Saturday, June 16, 2007

There's this little thing called...
What do you think about the post that Rachel
'conveniently' added
That my best friend and sex mate posting about us having sex
She is very the PB
she woke up at 6.30
and I can sense she was up to something
So I went down and she hacked into my blogger account
another PB thing is that
She got in the 1st TRY!
How the fuck she knew me so well?

There's even a piece of paper and a pencil on the table
With my name, nicknames, a bunch of numbers
Like I am some math question she easily figures out!
How can she be so damn good at math?
Isn't she supposed to be stupid or something?
What kind of aspiring journalist are you?
You left your digicam on the plane!
Nobody ever does that
Not even ME!
Leaving your contoh karangan on the plane home from Grecce
was a mistake but quite smart and good move
A very good reason to tell Mdm Ramona
but your digicam?
Come on!
She probably bragged about the sex we had
(which was not true)
ever hear about heavy petting?

Anyway there was this Christian students magazine
published by SMK Green Road
priced at 2 bucks
1 buck goes to help tsunami victims at Java or Jawa Island
So there was this thing about dating
These students suggested that we draw the line at the nice kiss on the lips
Yeah rite
Only really faithful christian ppl
who are basically
um... too innocent
do this shit
another thing
they are also too old-fashioned, conservative malaysians
who also read their bible in chinese
like chinese music
sing all the songs in CHINESE
call Jesus 'Ye Shi'
watever that means and basically think they are way better than other ppl

While those ppl like sean, lawrence, lucy, samantha and stacy
who go to an english church
likes english music
and sings the song in english are way better people
and actually call Jesus, 'Jesus'
are ppl like me fit in
and are way more humble
plus, we rarely say la, loh, ne, ni, me
and watever stupid endings you pro-chi ppl use
you say that you use these slangs to feel good when talking
but honestly though
you are wasting energy, youth, time, saliva
extending the period of
ppl smelling your bad breath
hearing you talk
plus, you bore ppl
and talk a lott of shit
Sometimes not even when you talk but type?
Accidentally saying is one thing
but typing?????
wat type of ppl are you!!!!!

Oh yeah, gays in malaysia are called PLU
which means 'people like us'
Real LAME!!!!!!
REAL Dumb!!!!
Just because the word 'gay' sounds so 'insulting'
I can also call myself and Rachel PLU
Our PLU is egotistical, fabulous, top models, hot, sexy and slutty!
How's that for PLU?

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