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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Like where the hell is he?
Where the hell is Alex?
Btw, changed my blogger password so that a certain girl cannot invade
Boy, am I smart
The whole week she couldn't figure it out
Just like those stupid add math questions

So lets get back to the real issue here
Alex has been gone for 2 weeks
I really wonder where he is
Even his girlfriend doesn't wanna go to his house to check on him
She said that she is scared of his dad.
Really, his dad?
Looked scary?
I am really really worried about him

He keeps on assuring us that he is just sick
he said that he got a horrible asthma attack.
Is it even belivable?
Since all of us is so sick of waiting,
We made up a few theories

1. He is really sick
Its sounds logical, but then are you sure?
It really does sound like he is lying.
He was an actor before!

2. He wants to avoid Mr.Thein
Not logical AT ALL!!!!!!!!
He got me to cover him from Mr.Thein
I am very loyal to my friends

3. He wants to avoid Cikgu Zul
He did not complete his moral folio
and Mr. Zul is really firing his ass
Like some bounty hunter

4. He has some problems at home
Well it could happen
and its logical

5. He doesn't wanna go to school anymore.
Excuse me?
Its only a few months till graduation!!!!

6. He has a child
Well, that could happen
Maybe at 16 he fucked someone else
Instead of Nina
And got her pregnant
then has to raise the kid
Its not nina
cause she looked the same this morning
Oh yeah!
Luke and Franco made this up!

7. He is stuck in another place
Maybe he cannot get back
Then again he was here the monday after the holidays

8. He is heartbroken
Because Nina is leaving for KL
Then again, she will fly home and visit
Like duh!
No big deal

9. He is on the run from the cops
Only someone who is illogical as a twisted mind would only think of such ridiculous things!
Wait a minute!!!!!
That's Rachel's idea

10. He ran away from home
That is quite solid
Quite solid
But honestly, I really don't know

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