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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The never ending torture of exams
Exams never end
Just when you thought you put down the last one
Another one pops up again
Other than trials going on we still have one more before
the ever notorious SPM
We have diagnostics test
Its a lame test where they ask you really easy questions
Finished it within 45 minutes and started dreaming about America's Next Top Model
Man, I can never get tired of that show
Wonder how life feels like without ANTM.
Man am I going to cry for three full months.
My parents are desperately trying ti haul my ass of NS
It seems I am gonna do a twinnig program
Well, that just sucks.
I am doing my 'best' to get into that damn camp for two reasons
1. To get myself back in shape
2. To show people that i actually have balls.
As for getting myself out of the camp:
1. Don't wanna get my head shaved
2. Don't wanna get the stupid patriotic songs stuck in my head ( Jalur Gemilang and Negarakuku is enough)
3. Don't wanna get brainwashed by patriotism
4. Don't wanna die at the hands of ignorant trainers
5. Don't wanna be some military doofus
6. Don't wanna be influenced into being a terrorists
7. Don't wanna get raped by pedophilles posing as trainers

Anyway, Jamie is singing Sean Kingston's Beautiful Girl the whole day
Plus she is reading a new Cecelia Ahern book.
Its good for her, dancing aimlessly away
I would also like to congratulate Miss Candice Michelle for retaining the Woman's Championship against the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix at Unforgiven

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