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Saturday, September 15, 2007

America's Next Top Model.
The question asks:
What is the title given to the winner of America's Top Model?
The answers:
Top model
or even worse,
illustrious title.
What the fuck?
Can't believe that some people from 5 science 1 can be as stupid as that.
The answer is:
Buch of dumbasses
Simple question also don't know how to answer correctly
Even a five year old knows the damn answer.
Cyril got it wrong which literally set me off.

I know its just a dumb question that cost 1 mark
but seriously, any idiot can get that right.
This is seriously insulting
especially to me
who watch ANTM so religiously and was so addicted to it.
It really is an insult
this is what happen if you watch to many chinese soaps that look like total clones of each other.
EVERY plot is about death and cancer and affairs
bla bla bla and crap crap crap
its repetitive and lame not to mention hypocritical

At first, I was laughing and said that everyone in the class should have got it right
unfortunately, it wasn't
turns out almost everyone got it wrong
I freaked out and was stressing that damn questio for the whole recess
I wanted to choke cyril.
Xiang Lun who as usual decided to amke a fool of himself
decided to ask Mdm Malizan
I said if I got wrong then chop my head off
And I was right as usual
Meanwhile a somewhat bitter Victor Lim wants to pull me down into his deep hole again
He keeps on stressing that is just one mark
but still you should not get it wrong right?Victor is such a hypocrit
I come to see himas a chubby, straight-edge guy but
in the end, he is just a hypocrit.
I used to have respect for victor as i always thought he is the guy who will always take the high road
but now, he is just a plain hypocrit.
I don't really give a damn about the coward and left.

I reached home and Sean, Lucy, Samantha and I decided to meet for a special meeting
Anna was there to join in the fun
Lawrence was still at Lodge so he wasn't around.
we discussed it and were shocked to find out the same damn things happened at our schools!
I IMed Rachel, Melissa, Aaron and Colette to tell them the shocking discovery
Rachel was furious and bitching and cursing throughout our webcam conversation
Colette was like laughing till she had to rushed to the bathroom to pee
Melissa did the same thing
Aaron was like 'are you serious?'
It was real ridiculous to him

Right now, I have no respect for anyone who got wrong that question
It is an insult to my passion of fashion, photography and modelling
This is seriously unforgiven
The Undertaker will see you at September 16th
where you bury your unforgiven souls and may you rest in peace.

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