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Monday, September 03, 2007

I love gossip.
I do, I really really do.
If its about someone, then its cool cause we can thrash how bad that person is in an exaggerated level
If its about my friends then I can use it as an advice to help them
If its about me, then it means people are talking about me and that is a good thing
There is nothing about bad publicity
Boy, I sound a lot like Natasha from ANTM Cycle 8.

So this is how we trash about people
Allow me to use this as an example.
Lets say a girl named J is known to be a cheap ass slut
So it will start like this
"Did u know that slut J?"
"Yeah, I heard that she and her boyfriend fucked on the first date"
"I hear that she is already 3 months pregnant"
"Oh my God! No wonder she is gaining weight!"
"That's not all, I hear that she likes it when her boyfriend cums on her mouth"
"Ugh, that kinkish slut!"
"Yeah, nasty"
Then everyone gets into a conclusion
"She is definitely living in a trailer park with like 10 kids and drinks her future fat-ass boyfriend's cum all day"

Then there is the friend part.
I hear friends gossiping about him, then advise him
like what I do to Xiang Lun
Unfortunately, not a success
boy he is good at making castles in the air
i really feel fed up about him.

Of course there is things about me
"You know, Brendan's idol is Britney Spears?"
"Eww, why does he want to do that"
" i tell you liao, this guy is the damn real gay one"
" Cyril should be careful afterward he rape him"
"No lah, that Brendan is a pussyboy, he wants Cyril to fuck him"
Oh yeah, I know who are the idiots that gossip this shit
So don't think I don't know
Cyril and I are friends and that's it ok?
he is like the Malaysian version of Aaron

Anyways, what the fuck is you guys with the OIC stuff in history
Alex can say and I figured it out too
So, why the fuck you guys boo at me and not him
You have no respect for me
I hope that all of you will be stuck living in trailer parks
At least the best thing you can do is give me some self-respect that I deserve
Which is hell yeah a lot.
I want some mutual respect, is that so much to ask?

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