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Friday, September 21, 2007

I Got It!!!!
That is one stupid line.
Add Math screwed me up so Goddamn much
When I finally got a brainwave,
I was so excited and there you go.
not sure whether i will pass or fail
Most likely fail as I screwed up my index.
The second brainwave came like five minutes before bell.
Pissed off real bad.

I am desperately trying to get Candice Michelle's latest theme.
Its so cool and real hot
Keeps the adrenalin pumping.
Besides its the main inspiration in me wanting to get good grades.
It helps me to work harder
Thrive the competition and work my ass off to straight A glory.
Actually changing the attitude of a lazy bum that I used to be.
After hearing that song, it really makes me dive (figuratively) into the books
Making me scream after thinking that I might fail add math
No wonder i did well for biology.
I actually know that I am gonna get 40 questions right and it came out 41!

After I saw that match between Candice and Beth it really got me thinking.
Candice is small but she can defeat beth who is large and a total Glamazon.
I supported Candice all the way
But the way she got thrashed at Unforgiven but still came up as the victor really inspired me.
I mean beth is like the real tough exams
Candice is like me the underdog who was always underestimated
Generalised as nothing but a pretty boy.
So that really gave the push.

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