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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yes! Yes! Yes!
After Jaslene won ANTM Cycle 8
We right now have ANTM Cycle 9!!!
With a new batch of girls, the game is on once again to crown a new America's Next Top Model

If you don't know what ANTM is
Its is an acronym aka short form of America's Next Top Model.
Now if you don't know what America's Next Top Model is,
then there are three reasons
1. You don't have Astro and/or computer
2. You lived in a jungle for the past 4 or 5 years
3. You have been watching way too many pathetic chinese soaps that always involves death, affairs and cancer in a certain range of episodes.
Well, if you got one of the three reasons above, then allow me to explain.
America's Next Top Model is a competition to give aspiring models to become top models.
33 girls are selected all over the US to compete in the semi finals
Which will late be narrowed down to 13
And then one of those thirteen will be America's Next Top Model.

Now if you are out of the blue about the winners, then here are the names of the past eight winners
1. Adrianne Curry
2. Yoanna House
3. Eva Pigford
4. Naima Mora
5. Nicole Linkletter
6. Danielle Evans
7. Caridee English
8. Jaslene Gonzalez

Other past contestants that are my favourites other than most of the winners are:
Cycle 1
Shannon Stewert (runner-up)
Kesse Wallace
Giselle Samson

Cycle 2
April Wilkner
Shandi Sullivan
Jenascia Chakos

Cycle 3
Amanda Swafford
Norelle Van Herk

Cycle 4
Brittany Brower
Kahlen Rondot (runner-up)
Christina Murphy
Tatiana Dante
Michelle Deighton

Cycle 5
Kyle Kavanagh
Jayla Rubinelli
Bre Scullark
Kim Stolz
Lisa D'Amato

Cycle 6
Joanie Dodds (runner-up)
Sarah Albert
Kathy Hoxit

Cycle 7
Brooke Miller
Melrose Bickerstaff (runner-up)
Amanda Babin
Michelle Babin
Anchal Joseph
Megg Morales

Cycle 8
Natasha Galkina (runner-up)
Renee Alway
Brittany Hatch
Felicia Provost
Jael Strauss

Samantha Francis

As for cycle 9, I am keeping options open
First, I gotta see how they perform and their attitudes
And all those stuff
The girls are good though
You know what?
I should be a host or a judge in the top model franchise

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