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Monday, September 24, 2007

Crappy Stuff that should have never existed
Okay, this post is gonna be a little sensitive
So If one of those stupid losers who watch predictable, monotonous chinese soaps (almost everyone)
or likes pathetic cutsy childish stuff like stupid gender confused pigs with contrasting colours (xiang lun, athena, jamie and michelle chung)
or likes stupid chinese copycat popstars who think they can be the britney of asia (melissa, caroline, jenny, hui sang, ivy, lisa and michelle lim)
or likes stupid chinese guys who wanna be black but ended up as pathetic excuses for rap stars that can't rap because they never utter a single word right aka plain asian nerds (khoon sheng)
or simply loves the world of chinese (yee ying and mei shan)
or likes decency (andrea)
Please read this and get a FUCKING wake up call!!!!!!

First of all is the stupid cutsy wootsy stuff that makes me puke.
The gender confused pigs, the dumb looking gingerbread man that Jamie got, the stupid skeleton thing, the smily turtle that should have been rammed over by a car like ages ago.
Honestly, grow up! These are one of the most stupidest things created ever.
They are so not cool and are lame and are meant for bratty nine year olds who wanna act rich.
I can't believe its actually a trend as its really really a pathetic excuse for one.
almost everywhere I go I see those stupid pigs
Really makes me wanna rip it off and burn it in front of everyone.
If there is a convention for these cutsy stuff
I would definitely be there,
using a forklift and destroying everything in sight.

Okay for all you hypocrits out there
Who hates Britney but worships Jolin and don't know who is Rihanna,
Britney and Jolin are the same
They like dancing and shae their booty plus lip sync
Except Britney is way cooler because Jolin and that SHE band copycat her songs
So if you worship Jolin, Britney is God!
Please, these stars have no originality
Very superficial like some people.

Chinese soaps are so lame
Always talking about family honour
Upholding the name of 'biar mati anak, jangan mati adat'
So what if your son got someone pregnant
He doesn't need to marry her
They can abort the baby, raise it by themselves or giveit up for adoption
Marrying someone just because of a baby is wrong
Unhappiness for eternity
No pussy to fuck forever.
Besides you can predict when one of them has cancer, an affair or died.
Its so predictable
Only the faces are different and the wotrds are different.
But timeline is still the same.

Decency is so lame
Never dress decently as they make you look:
1. Fat
2. Unfabulous
3. like a total loser
4. lame
Always put your best foot forward
If you have curves, show it, don't hide it.
Never fail to be pretty, handsome and sexy.

For those people like Khoon Sheng
Your chinese rap stars wanna be black but honestly, they are so lame
Its really comical at times to see them try to do a little Timbaland, T.I., Kanye and 50
If you haven't heard of them then jump from the top floor of Civic Centre.

As for all you chinese enthusiasts.
You gotta stop listening to all those chinese crap okay
Don't you ever get tired of it
Try english movies and soaps
Their plots and sub-plots are always different, keep you on the edge and begging for more
Don't always stay glued to your pathetic asian values
They are useless these days
I mean I do indulge in different cultures other than the mainstream and popular American culture.
I listen to spanish songs and watch this cool new soap called El Cor de la Ciutat
I also watch Japanese anime like Fate/Stay Night, Paradise Kiss and Honey and Clover
I am also interested with Italian and French fashion
See, I am also very contemporary and cosmopolitan
So I am not a hypocrit.
Honestly, try it before you become lame like a certain bean looking mama's boy

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Your bigest fan! said...

Decency is lame. We should show our curves. Let's walk around naked.

Paradise kiss is THE MOST mind challenging anime to watch! Like! EVER!!!! OMIGOSH!!! =D