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Friday, September 14, 2007

The physics table layout.
Among the seating plans at Chemistry, Biology and Physics,
I find Physics has the most diverse
and easiest to group and regonize
It may not be picture perfect but you can see the various forms of cliques

Group 1: The Bitch Group
The bitches of 5sc1 are all there.
Brigid who Rachel thinks is a bitch
Ying Ying maybe invisible but she is sorta jenny's right hand girl which pulls her to the same category
Jenny is so obvious
As for Josephine?
I think she is just a victim of circumstance
So, no hard feelings Josephine.

Group Two: The Space Filler
Nobody sits there but Jia Jia and Melissa
If it gets too crowded then I will move there
There is nothing much in this group
Pretty much like a free land.

Group Three: The Lords of Clowntown
Alex, Jeremy, Luke, Franco, Ming Bong and sometimes me.
There is a lot of fooling around at that table.
With antics and practical jokes
its never boring

Group Four: The Male-Bitch Group
They do nothing but gossip and complain and complain and gossip
If they were a fraternity which they never willbe
It will be called Sigma Bitcha Alpha
Eric is the Alpha Freako Bitch
Hubert is the sleazy right hand man
Elton is the sneaky one who wants take over as Alpha Freako Bitch
Khoon Sheng is the 'enforcer' that 'humphs' a lot
While Kheng Yong will be the weasel for the team.

Group Five: Sing Sang Song
Ivy, Caroline, Hui Sang and Yee Ying.
They sing all those Chinese crap songs
Sing Sing Sing
Bitch Bitch Bitch
Its all they do.

Group Six: Lisa
Just Lisa because I don't know where to put her.

Group Seven: Biru Blossoms
Michelle Lim, Michelle Chung, Andrea, Mei Shan and Catherine
They actually do study
They like hanging out with each other
I wonder how they tolerate freaks like Mei Shan

Group Eight: Harmony Hijau
The hijau girls.
Jamie, Hui Ting, Athena, Lee Chin and Joon Ching aka Princess
Wanted too call emo, sarcastic and bitchy but only 3 people qualify.

Group Nine: Nerds and Nerds wannabes
Nerds: Liang Jiun, Liong Yew, Senk Siang
Wannabes: Victor, Xiang Lun, Cyril, Vincent and Jia Zhi
The nerds are there to study
The wannabes are there because there friends are sitting there (Victor and consequently Xiang Lun)
The others have no place to sit but the front
I wanna drag Cyril's freaking tight ass to my place
Unfortunately Vincent and Jia Zhi are holding him down.

As you can see, I belong to two groups
maybe I should be in Lisa's group
Brendan and Lisa
Lisa and brendan
Buck toothed model and drama queen
Nope, doesn't match
Now Adam and Lisa
Lisa and Adam does ring a bell

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