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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Low self esteem
Although I try to be cheery and funny and try to be myself
I really can't
Having the scars thanks to chicken pox got me to an all time low.
I cry very hard
I feel so sad
It really just tears me apart.
I can't bear to see myself like this.
It just sucks

my face as these horrible scars which I am not responsible of
I look and feel ugly
I have almost no self-esteem
my pride has been shriveled up into nothingness.
its so sad and horrible.
That's why I have decided to amke this conclusion

If this chicken pox scars do not heel
then I will die
Somehow and someway
only God can tell how I will die or when chicken pox scars will disappear.
i feel so sad.
As I wait, I will work hard and try to be optimistic to get my face restored its former glory
and improve it till it looks extremely beautiful like never before!

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