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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Red is so cheesy
Decided its time to go blue.
red is soooo goddamn cheesy
Next time, if I am invited to a craphole chinese dinner
i will bring camy along and expose how cheesy and horrible the redness of restaurants
The only place where there is no cheesy red is...
The Hilton Hotel Grand Ballroom
Its green

Anyway, I read Luke's blog
and he blogged about September 11th 2001
Those horrifying scenes sent me nostalgics.
Nostalgic means renimiscment
Renimiscment means remember the past
which means looking back.
Just in case my English is real 'deep'
no one i know outside of my school who is close to me is going to NS
Sucks, no companion but good because can make new friends
I really don't know if I should go though
Because i have never exercised for quite a long while
But of course i dream of having a dark and lean body

Anyway as I was trailing off
My sympathy goes out to the lives lost
and those who are affected by the loses
The destruction of the World trade center
maybe smart but
to prove a point at the expense of thousands of lives is not just worth it.
Life is preciuous.
Appreciate it.
Its sad that we send people out to do a politician's dirty work
Sometimes the famous quote of Madam Maggie Jong works
"Give bush five bullets, give osama five bullets and see who kills who"
Wish life was that easy
Apparently politicians have nothing to do but to look for trouble and lives to be lost
Like the National Service incident in terengganu

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