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Monday, June 02, 2008

Stupid David Cook
I mean come on!!!!
This is so unbelievable!!!
David Cook as like 4 or 5 songs on the top 50 of Billboard Hot 100.
While My David Archuleta has only ONE
ONE measely remake of John Lennon's Imagine
which by the way is like melting my heart now
Although the best would probably be, in my opinion,
'Stand By Me' which he performed during the top 4.
Anyway, David Cook's new single 'the time of my life is at number 3'
Which means knocking down 'Damaged' by Danity Kane to number 11
which means that I got slamed to the floor and knee on the crotch
While Archie's new single, 'In This Moment' is at number 56.

I hate David Cook cause to me its like another Daughtry.
Chris Daughtry was placed fourth on American Idol
And so, in revenge, ie the people like my brother, Darren Goh
voted for David Cook.
Who listen to crappy songs make by those 'In The Moment' bands.
For example, Hoobastank, Yellowcard, Linkin Park were big in the early 2000s
but now, its fading.
Yellowcard and Linkin Park's latest albums were lukewarm
and for Hoobastank, they sorta disappeared

Now, we have a lot of new artists coming out.
And some of you might still listen to whatever shit you are listening
but please, give these new artists a chance.
So lets start with someone, who currently dominates my iPod
His name is Donnie Klang
You know him from Making The Band 4
and this is his new single called 'Take You There' featuring Diddy.
Play the movie, okay.
And tell me what you think of him.

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