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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I am so VAIN.

Vanity, narcissism, self absorbed, call it whatever you want.
Its me okay, I am who I am.
You don't like it then deal with it.
My typing yeah has serious typos at times but whatever.
You know, not to sound very much of a cocky, showy jackass but you can actually differentiate the Ah Bengs or Ah Lians aka the so-called normal people from the 'weird', 'crazy', 'psychotic' abnormal people that are actually normal and are in-sync with the more technologically advanced, cosmopolitan lifestyles of everyone living in urban jungles and suburbia.

See, from my seriously short but very informative and fruitful two years in blogging
My expertise in creating controversies, bitter spats and bitching about other people with my in-your-face, hurts-you-so-hard, snide, revoltingly detailed vocabulary has allowed me to differentiate and evaluate to know who are the trashy people and who are the classy ones.
So how do I know how to differentiate? Well, quite simple really.

List of Ah Beng/Lian's opinion on my blog:
A picture is worth a thousand words, write less, more pics, more interesting.
Always scole people one, nothing interesting
Hah? Me no SPIAK Engelishi.
Ai yo, Ang Mo Chim Chim, Tao Hin Hin.
Lei Mou Gau Cho Ah, Lei Kong Meh Wah?
Your use of Inggeris is so high, I cannot understand what you talk, hehe.
Ai yo, so blur blur.
EEE, you hav sex meh? Scary.
Aiyo, smile la, like mine, pic cute cute de ah, Whorxxxxxxx

List of Actual people's opinion on my blog
Its interesting
I love the witty comments
I completely understand your essence in writing, its very natural, and real funny
The way you write intrigues me, the words, the structure, polished of with witty, comical comments that are snide yet meaningful.
Aggresive to its finest.
You really know how to take your frustrations to the next level and make something productive out of it.
Funny yet meaningful, if your blog was a paperback, it will be a definite good read under the sun.
The writing is raw and fresh, and it still is even after reading it, time and time again.

These are actual comments from friends, from almost every race and gender (okay, no transgender, haven't met one.) The actual people's are real comments, only I make it look like I am recieving rave reviews from critics!!!! The AH Bengs and Ah Lians are essentially those pro-eastern, hypocritical, panda eating freakshows.

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