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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This time its newspapers.

I am so goddamn mother fucking pissed!
The Star, actually has the sense to do this?
I just found out about it, and hell, I AM ANGRY.
Like the Ah Beng/ Lian blog, my comments are blow, in brackets

(nice title and new word 'decadence' so write it down kiddies)

KUALA LUMPUR, July 8(Bernama) – Literally, the term homosexual refers
to sexual relationship between the same gender, either man and man or woman and
(Oh God, like nobody don't know that?)

Homosexuality is usually contrasted with heterosexuality and bisexuality.
(Wow, so scientific -.-ll)

Traditionally, the term gay is used predominantly to refer to homosexual males,
(Hey, seriously, we don't live up in trees in the jungle and hunt wild boars all day, we know what it means, douche)

while lesbian is a gender-specific term that is only used for homosexual
(hey, Malaysia got a lot of these, especially Chinese Ah Lians)

The term homosexual is also used for the same-sex sexual relations between
persons of the same sex who are not gay or lesbian.
(This is a first, The structure, the words and everything else is spot on but I still don't understand what the hell is he saying, wow)

In the West, the morally wrong and corrupt homosexual act has turned into a
sort of plague, spreading its tentacles far and wide, engulfing individuals with
the tendency of adopting this immoral self-indulgence.
(There, we go, blaming the West again like its a disease, plague or something bad, honestly, we should get rid of everything Western like MICROSOFT, ADIDAS, NIKE'S, Britney Spears, KFC, Pizza Hat, ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE and stuff. Its not corrupt, you should look at those ministers and political officials, now that is what EVERYONE calls CORRUPT and SCREW-UP. Its only that you people are two 'BLIND' to see it. Immoral self-indulgence? Smoking, Rape, Murder, Drugs, Racism, Inflation and Embezzlement is immoral self indulgence. How can homosexuality is branded as 'immoral self-indulgence'? Everyone masturbates once in a while.)

In the country today, the 'gay' lifestyle is believed to have sprouted
rampantly. A point to note is the mushrooming of the gay clubs.
(This is just so BIASED, terming the word gay like its an informal use of English, haven't you heard? The word gay can be used in writing essays now, its an offical word according to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary. In articles like this, you must have a fair opinon, if I was your editor, I will fire you in 3 seconds. An insult, really)

A news report yesterday came out with a revelation that shocked
many, gay comics, said to be sold at RM50 each, is believed to be a hot item
among those aged 25 and above.
(Not RM 50, between RM43 to Rm 49.90, Its called Yaoi Manga and its available at MPH, Kinokuniya and Borders and yes I have some)

But the question is that, is this upsetting trend is mushrooming?
(Yes and its great)

The Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM) secretary-general, Datuk
Dr Maamor Osman, said the homosexual act in the country had grown to a worrying
(Worrying? Oh, wait. A MUSLIM association, right. A douche bag that lives on tress that passes off more as a bomoh or a cultish shaman than a doctor)

The tendency to perform homosexual acts is there, as shown by the
proliferation of gay bars, Dr Maamor, who is also a general medical
practitioner, told Bernama.
"In the Quran, it is said that Allah the Al-Mighty had obliterated Luth's
people for their indulgence in homosexual acts.
"There is no forgiveness for such debauchery, to the extent that it angers
Allah the Al-Mighty," said Dr Maamor.
(Okay, the Quran again, yeah in the Quran, Gays are stoned to death. Thank God, don't have a bin between my names. Dude, there is even a gay sauna and a gay park.)

On the health aspect, Dr Maamor said homosexuals who indulge in anal
intercourse are prone to various risks.
(If you don't know, he is talking about guys people, since girls don't have sticks.Lmao, girls can only do the scissor sister.)

"Each of the human organs has their respective systems including blood
circulation, nerves, immunity and other systems. The woman's sexual organ, and
hormones are different from that of the man.
(Hey, everyone knows that, okay. Women have boobs and men don't, men have sticks and women don't. I don't know why they right this like its something interesting since it can't be for us who go to school cause we know about it, and can't be those who don't go to school since, they know its different and know how to do it.)

"There are specialised cells for certain functions. Unfortunately for some
humans, they resorted to commit deviations," he said.
(Apparently, Malaysian doctors think the public is goddamn stupid,even though they are idiots themselves)

According to Dr Maamor, the human's gastro-intestinal system begins right
from the mouth until the anus. The system is outfitted with specialised cells
for the digestion and absorption of food.
(Hey, there is a name for this, I don't know what name but it has a name cause i don't study medical and Grey's Anatomy hasn't has an episode where a man has priapism whille fucking another dude. Mister Moron here, studies and practises medicine and doesn't know the name.)

"There is the rhythmic (intestinal) muscle movement, known as peristalsis.
And if this system is disturbed, like when anal intercourse occurs, it will
invite damage to the person's physical, emotional and spiritual attributes.
(It doesn't damage, it euphorates. But being fucked is like shitting a large piece of shit only it goes in and out, in and out)

"As this system is not for erroneous acts, it invites various risks like
the Aids, hepatitis, haemorrhoids and septicemia (bacterial infection of the
blood)), said Dr Maamor, adding that this unnatural sex act also provokes
various sexually transmitted diseases".
(There is a thing called a CONDOM, douche bags and its AIDS, not the AIDS, not taboo okay, everyone, even Amish Christians know about it.)

The Malaysian Islamic Youth Movement (Abim) president Yusri Mohamad said
that a homosexual act is a serious immoral and criminal offence.
(Another idiot that comes from some tree, and its not immoral, its love. Its not criminal as no idiot arrests people for having sex. Oh, wait Malaysians invented arresting people for having sex. MALAYSIA BOLEH. So if you want to have sex, produce a marriage license or in future, the I-Am-Allowed-To-Engage-In-Sexual-Acts license.)

"There is no difference between a homosexual act and adultery. Hence,
severe punishment should be handed down against homosexuals. Prevention and
punishment must be executed", said Yusri.
(Again its for the Muslims, do this on Chinese, Malaysia is ruled by Pakatan Rakyat)

He said the 'doors' that invite people to commit this sin should be
permanently closed and sealed.
(There are no doors, only assholes, AHAHAHAHA. Corruption and Bribery is a larger sin as homosexuality has love while Corruption and Bribery has lazy ass, dumb twit and greed.)

"Take immediate action against centres or clubs where the homosexuals
gather, like revoking the operating licence.
(Okay, gather in front of Mamaks, and any government residence and or function instead of clubs)

"Websites and magazines that may have room for homosexual-oriented messages
should be monitored and action taken against them," he said.
(Spoken like a true idiot, democracy and freedom of speech is one-sided in this country)

Yusri calls on the authorities to conduct raids, akin to that held for
drug-prevention operations at nightspots and entertainment centres.
Hence, the government is seen as taking stern and firm action to curb this
moral decadence, unlike the western nations that provide the so-called 'freedom'
to such debauchery.
(S-T-U-P-I-D. Again with with blaming people who brought you the things you love, biting the hand that feeds is so not good for a minature country.)

(CAN BE ACCEPTED, look at the more advanced countries)

"There is not much account on homosexuals in the Indian community, in some
cases there are bisexuals but that is not their wishes.
(Yeah, mostly its the Malays who are seen wearing high heeled boots from their sis, jeans from their moms and earrings from their grandmother)

"Even the Hindu religion does not accept homosexual practices", the
Malaysian Hindu Sangham president Datuk A.Vaithilingam told Bernama.
Vaithilingam calls on parents to exercise caution in and give the issue a
serious look in the efforts to prevent their children from being trapped in the
homosexual clutches.
(Its a lifestyle, they are who they are, cannot change that, or what send all homos to some kind of NS and torture them?)

He said the community should be exposed to education and counselling on the
homosexual topic to create awareness among the public on the ills and evils of
this felony.
(Its not a felony, its not evil, you people either came here from some time machine or the media found you in a tree, created lies and bitch, giving you your fifteen minutes of fame in media whoring. Plus you mispelled counseling)

Serious attention should also be given against illicit sexual relations in
order to prevent it from becoming a menace to the society.
(Again not a menace, not illicit. Its a wonder how these katak under tempurungs have such great vocabularty at blastpheming something they consider something 'abnormal')

This act, which is like a malignant cancer, should not be allowed to spread
its tentacles, as it threatens to bring destruction and devastation to the
(Again with tentacles like a poisonous jellyfish. WAH, 'destruction and devastation to the society'
Corruption and bribery does this, being gay is just finding love, nothing much. Honestly, how do they have this kind of 'chim' vocabulary and still live in a tree? If its a malignant cancer, its already spreaded, the damage is too bad to be done already.)

Hence, education for the youngsters particularly for those in schools and
universities is crucial to prevent the society from being engulfed by this
immoral act.
(Youngsters, hah. Only old people say that. Its not immoral okay.)

In this context, Dr Maamor concurs with Vaithilingam that the parents need
to boost their knowledge in order to shoulder the immense task of preventing
their offsprings from being drawn into the evils of homosexual acts.
(Okay, organise a campaign, lets see if it works. Honestly, if kids are, they are gay. That's it. Period.)

Parents should not feel embarrassed if they ask for advice and counselling
from the experts to overcome this issue.
(I hear frogs croaking under the well)

Dr Maamor also calls on the Islamic Advancement Department (Jakim) to adopt
an approach where doctors and psychiatrists can brief mosque officials on the
issue apart from setting up the integrated referral centres at the mosques.
Similar concepts can be applied at institutions for the other religions in
the country, he said.

Dr Maamor said the Information Ministry can use the electronic media to
disseminate information on the warfare against this social scourge.
"We may be giving the wrong impression as if the authorities are tolerating
this immoral act", he said.
(Its is tolerable, this issue is almost invisible and not much of a concern really)

Meanwhile Yusri calls on the authorities to monitor artistes and actors
that portray the 'feminine' image.
"We are not saying that all of the womanly males as gays but many of the
gays are from this group.
(Wow, all you Ah Kuas hear this okay, if you are an AhKua, you might get arrested! Seriously, the number of butches (masculine gays) are more than queens (feminine gays) in this country.)

"We do not wish these people to be used as the illustration and model", he
(You know that Mawi projects this right? He probably says men cannot go for facials and pampering and wear foundation. As much as using a facial cleanser means that you are feminine)

Clearly, the homosexual phenomenon is against the human's natural behaviour
and should be swiftly and firmly dealt with.
(Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. It is, its human, human have brains, brains think like this so its natural)

Not everyone wants to see the country to be overwhelmed by the influx of
moral decadence that erupt from those who are out to draw the people into the
dark ages of morality.
(I bet the golden ages was when you live in trees fucking your wife eight to ten times a day, these guys think that women should be barefoot and pregnant or something. And besides, the straight guys has more women to fuck with. So you bigot muslim can have as much wives as you want and have as much kids as you want.)

People, Malaysia is a haven for radical Muslim Christian religion, cause us modern people that are so called abnormal have no freedom of speech.

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